Guide to Using a VoIP Telephone Adapter And Voice Service Bridge

Connecting a regular telephone to the internet has the advantage of avoiding telephone charges. For some, there may also be cases where you want to establish a secure connection with someone in a different country. You can do both with a device called a VoIP telephone adapter and voice service bridge.

What Is A VoIP Telephone Adapter?

Connecting your landline phone to the internet can be done through a VoIP adapter. These adapters are easy to use and let you make IP-based calls using your regular/analog telephone.

VoIP converts analog signals from your regular to telephone to digital signals. This allows the signals to be transported across the internet. The internet is digital and doesn't understand analog. That's why a conversion exists. Telephone company lines are analog-based. So conversion from digital back to analog must take place in order for the signals to work effectively.

Most VoIP adapters are small. There are several plugins on them depending on the type of adapter. To get started:

  • Plug your desktop analog phone into the adapter.
  • Plug another port that goes into your internet router. The adapter now sits between your desktop phone and the router.
  • Finally, the adapter needs a power source. Plug the adapter into the USB port on your computer or the wall outlet if that is an option.
  • On some adapters, there is an additional port that plugs into your telephone line. This is meant to be a failsafe. If the power goes out, VoIP won't work. In that case, you can still use your phone over regular phone lines.

What Is A VoIP Voice Service Bridge?

A VoIP voice service bridge allows you to use VoIP with a regular phone or mobile phone without the need for a computer. But that isn't its main attraction. These devices create a tunnel from one endpoint to the other between two callers. Each caller needs to have a VoIP voice service bridge for the tunnel to work. When the callers connect, they are using VoIP and not their regular phone lines. If one person is in New York and the other in India, the call won't cost anything because it is going through the internet.

The bridge does take a little longer than a VoIP adapter to connect. But it has a higher voice quality than a VoIP adapter. Bridges usually come with more ports as well. This allows you to connect a fax machine and paging system to the bridge. Encryption is usually included as well.

How Do These Devices Work Together?

The adapter and bridge can work as two different devices. It is more common to purchase them as one device. This simplifies setup and ensures compatibility.

The tunnel created by a bridge won't be used in all cases. Consider a call center as an example. When a customer calls in, a rep answers the phone. The customer won't have a need for a tunnel. In that case, the rep will be using regular VoIP.

The bridge-tunnel comes in use for specific cases. Most likely when a rep in one country needs to talk with a rep in another country. Employee to employee communication in other words.

How Does It Work with VoIP Software?

One nice thing about using a VoIP telephone adapter and voice service bridge is that VoIP software or a UCaaS provider doesn't require any special configuring to use the device. It becomes just another audio source. Once you tell your computer which audio source to use, most applications will pick up the source and use it.

When you're used to picking up your regular telephone to make calls, switching to a headset and sitting at the computer for Internet calls is a big change. With a VoIP adapter, you can continue using your regular phone for Internet calls. If you don't have a computer, don't worry. You can use a VoIP voice service bridge. The bridge opens a secure tunnel between two callers, allowing them to use IP-based calls.

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