How Does VoIP over WAN Work?

VoIP over WAN enables a VoIP phone service system to cover a large geographical area. For instance, many large enterprises want to include multiple offices in different cities (or even countries) on a single VoIP phone service. While this is absolutely possible to do, it does require special expertise and considerations.

In this article, you can read more about how VoIP over WAN works and what your organization will need to consider in order to have a successful deployment.

What Is VoIP over WAN?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) over WAN (Wide Area Network) is Internet phone service that is deployed over a large geographical area within a network. While it can be done and can provide high-quality phone service, using VoIP over WAN requires special considerations to make sure the service has the right resources for quality phone calls. Reliability, phone traffic, bandwidth consumption, and energy needs can be a consideration for businesses deciding to deploy VoIP over WAN.

Before you decide to start deployment, it's important to consider what you'll need and how you'll meet the resource needs of the network.

What Is WAN?

WAN may refer to a computer network reaching across a region, across other countries, or even worldwide. Generally speaking, however, WANs are used to transmit information from one LAN (Local Area Network) to another and are designed for a private entity, such as a corporation or university. They are smaller in scale and use than the Internet itself but larger than city-wide networks or LANs.

A WAN may be something a corporation deploys as a sort of "internal Internet" for sharing files, information, and so on. It's smaller in scale than the cloud, generally, and likely serves several locations or offices.

What Is VoIP?

VoIP phone service is Internet-based phone service using Internet connections to send audio calls as discrete packets of data that can be routed using one or more servers. In order to use VoIP, you typically need a SIP (Session Internet Protocol) client, which is software that can be installed on-premises or offsite and ran whenever you need to access phone service from your VoIP compatible device or computer.

How Does VoIP Over WAN Work?

VoIP over WAN deployments must take special considerations to ensure that everything functions with the quality and performance necessary for VoIP calls.

Here are a few important considerations to account for:

  • Dedicated bandwidth. It helps if you have dedicated bandwidth reserved for VoIP service, since VoIP generally does use a lot of network bandwidth.
  • Traffic volume. Ensure your network is able to support the amount of VoIP call traffic you expect to experience.
  • Redundancy. To ensure high uptime and dependability, it helps to have redundancy available to ensure that your VoIP service is prepared just in case your network goes down or encounters problems.
  • Power support. Older power systems may not be enough for VoIP, so make sure your infrastructure can support phone service.
  • Find an experienced vendor. Since it can be somewhat complex to deploy VoIP over WAN, make sure you find the right VoIP vendor who has experience with these deployments and can provide the right advice as well as help if anything happens.

Depending on your own VoIP service uses and your own call needs, your own requirements may vary. It's important to know what you're getting into and have your infrastructure ready and capable of supporting phone service to meet your organization's needs.

Learning More about VoIP Over WAN

VoIP over WAN can be a worthwhile investment for your organization if you have the right support and expertise. VoIP over WAN enables your company to use an existing WAN or deploy a new one and bring a VoIP network to a large geographical area, connecting all of your offices together into the same phone network. It does require special considerations to ensure call quality, but it can be worth it for your office phone system.

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