VoIP Conference Phone

VoIP conference phones use software and phone hardware to connect workers together and facilitate communications. Conference calls allow multiple people to participate in a single call and host meetings, offer training, or just collaborate on a project. Thanks to VoIP phone technology, this is now more accessible and offers better features than ever.

In this article, you can read more about how VoIP conference phone calls work and how your business can benefit.

What is a VoIP Conference Phone?

VoIP conference phones allow subscribers to place and receive conference calls over the Internet. While phone conferencing used to be a fairly expensive endeavour reserved only for larger businesses, VoIP Internet phone service uses the Internet to send discrete packets of data over Internet connections using SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunking. This links directly to the PTSN (Public Switched Telephone Network), allowing VoIP subscribers to communicate directly with landline phone subscribers and other legacy phone technologies.

This telecommunications technology is particularly useful for business. Businesses can replace their communication systems with VoIP and save money by skipping out on expensive and often unnecessary infrastructure. They also don't have to maintain their own software systems. Increasingly, more businesses are replacing landline technology with VoIP. It has proven to be a reliable service and offers a variety of rich features within a single platform to businesses.

How Does a VoIP Conference Phone Work?

VoIP conference phones use the Internet to connect subscribers. Voice audio is sent over the Internet as data packets and translated back into a language phones on the other side can understand before it's relayed to the call recipient as speech. Generally speaking, VoIP phones use SIP trunking to connect to the PTSN.

What are the Benefits of VoIP Conference Phones for Businesses?

Businesses gain access to a variety of exciting features while also saving money thanks to the reduced infrastructure needs of VoIP services. Here are just a few of the best benefits conference phones have to offer for businesses:

  • Replace meetings: Conference calls can easily replace many meetings that don't have a huge visual element or which don't necessarily require an in-person meeting.
  • Travel less often: Since you don't need to travel as often if you're using VoIP conference calls instead, you can benefit from the convenience and savings associated with having your meetings via conference calls.
  • Provide training: One great way to use conference calls is to offer training, either to customers or to employees. You can easily host more training if you don't need to bring everyone onsite every time you need to host a training event. Think of how much more quickly you could onboard a new sales team, new agents, and more.
  • Include more people on the call: You can have bigger meetings, making it easier to justify including the entire team instead of just a select few people who would normally attend anyway.
  • Work more efficiently: Increase your productivity by being able to include more people and host all of the meetings you actually need.
  • Offer remote work to employees: If you need to add new talent to your team, offering remote work is a great way to do just that. Remote work is an increasingly popular perk you can provide by having conferencing capabilities on site.
  • Work on the road: Take your work with you on the road thanks to conferencing via multiple types of phones and devices. In many instances, you can even connect your smartphone via a VoIP client app.

There are many other features that are beneficial businesses. For these reasons, more and more small-to-medium-sized businesses are taking advantage of conference calls and getting access to conferencing services for their organizations.

Getting Started with VoIP Conference Phones

Start with VoIP conferencing by asking your VoIP vendor. These and other great collaboration features are available via VoIP platforms for phone service subscribers. Businesses that access VoIP conferencing and start using it with their own teams often experience increased productivity, better collaboration, and improved communication.

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