What are Different Types of VoIP Systems?

VoIP systems work in a variety of ways to meet diverse business needs. Since no two organizations are exactly alike, it makes sense that their VoIP solutions wouldn't be exactly alike, either. Some organizations are big enterprises and need call centers spanning multiple offices, while others are solopreneurship businesses that only need a small number of extensions or even just a single VoIP line for business calls. Given the variety of different business needs, VoIP vendors offer different plans to meet businesses right where they are in terms of communications system use. 

To appreciate the variety of different VoIP systems out there, it helps to know a few key terms: 

  • VoIP plan: In all shapes and sizes, VoIP plans can fit a single user or 100+ users. VoIP vendors offer plans at many different price points and feature levels. 
  • Pay-as-you-go: Plans can scale to the user's needs, charging only what is actually used. This can work well with organizations that have a variable level of VoIP phone use. 
  • Call center: Traditionally, call centers were established to serve the needs of large enterprises and other businesses with bigger call volumes. Staffed by big teams of agents, call centers would respond to calls and place outgoing calls. Generally, call centers serve customer service purposes or work with outbound marketing. Today, you don't have to be running a large business to benefit from a call center. Even small businesses can use call centers. 
  • Contact center: Contact centers are an updated spin on the call center. It's not just about phones anymore. Consumers aren't just using phones to communicate, so why should businesses limit themselves? These communications centers engage in phone, chat, text, email, and social media communications. 

VoIP phone systems can provide great phone service for organizations of a variety of industries and sizes. In many cases, the VoIP system can adapt to different purposes depending on changes in the VoIP subscriber's needs, too. 

How do Different VoIP Systems Work Differently? 

VoIP systems can look very different depending on how they're used. Here's what they might look like at different businesses:

  • Solopreneur: For the very small business, a single VoIP line to separate business calls from personal calls may be all that's needed. Basic phone features such as voicemail and message transcription help the business owner take work on the road or clock-in from home. 
  • Small business: At small businesses, having an affordable VoIP deployment that looks professional and routes calls to different extensions can be helpful. A virtual assistant system answers calls and provides callers with a few options, then calls are routed to a few different people. 
  • Medium-sized business: Larger businesses may need a call center of their own without the added infrastructure and bulk of a full enterprise deployment. Cloud hosted VoIP service can provide the support and analytics features traditionally only available to much bigger companies, so a business with a few hundred team members can get the advanced features they need. 
  • Enterprise: At very large companies, it may make sense to have more of the VoIP system on-premises or have PBX (Private Branch Exchange) systems to route traffic. Very large VoIP deployments may be over a WAN (Wide Area Network) and span hundreds of miles between parts of the telecommunications network. In the biggest deployments, special considerations may factor in such as infrastructure and bandwidth needs over a large area. 

Given the variety available, there is likely to be a great VoIP system out there for your business. 

How Do You Find the VoIP System That's Right for Your Business? 

Finding the right VoIP system for you may require a little digging. You'll need to explore your organization's needs, budget, and concerns. Talk to your VoIP vendor (or, if you're shopping around, talk to several) to learn more about their experience and knowledge of your industry and business model. 

Getting Started with VoIP

VoIP systems come in all shapes and sizes to meet the needs of today's companies. By looking at the different options available to you, you can find the right VoIP business phone system that's a fit for your needs. 

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