What is the Best VoIP for Small Business?

VoIP has a lot to offer for small businesses. In the past, organizations were fairly limited in terms of what phone service plans and offers were available. Now, even the smallest businesses can access phone service that is very similar to what major corporations have access to. 

This is because VoIP works differently from other phone service systems. VoIP phone service relies on the Internet and transmits phone signals without using expensive-to-maintain legacy telephone networks. Because of these improvements, VoIP vendors are able to offer phone service at a significant discount. This savings is passed directly on to VoIP subscribers. 

VoIP features can make it hard to decide sometimes---this is a good thing for your business. By doing some comparison shopping, your company can get high-quality phone service that enables you to stay connected with customers, reach new audiences, and communicate in-house with your teams. 

In this article, you can learn more about what to consider when shopping for a VoIP plan and how to look for the right plan for you. 

What is the Best VoIP for Small Business?

For small businesses, finding the best VoIP service can make a difference. Productivity can improve as well as communication, efficiency, and overall performance. Thanks to VoIP service, even small businesses can access the same features large enterprises have access to. 

Choosing the right VoIP service for your organization requires putting some thought into how you plan to use your phone service the most. From there, you can identify your top priorities and find the right vendor and phone plan. 

How Do I Find the Best VoIP for Small Business? 

The phone features that help your business the most may depend largely on the type of industry and size of business---there are features that are best for small businesses, call centers, large enterprises, etc. Think about what you need your phone service to do for you. 

Here are a few questions to ask yourself as you shop: 

  • Is international calling important to my business? Which countries will I be calling regularly? 
  • Do I need pay-per-minute, a la carte, or unlimited plan pricing? 
  • Will I need a BYOE (Bring Your Own Equipment) plan, or will I lease/purchase phones from my vendor after signing a contract? 
  • What compliance features do I need for my business phone service? For legal, healthcare, and other businesses, compliance can be particularly important, so this is something you may need to think about. 
  • Do I need headsets, handsets, softphones, smartphones, or other phone hardware types for my phones? 
  • Do I want other contact center features such as chat and text, or is phone service my primary concern? 
  • How many users do I need access for? How many virtual extensions do I need? 

These questions should help you get started, but as you explore VoIP phone service, think about more needs you might have. You can also ask VoIP vendors you're considering about what features and guarantees they offer, as well. 

Choosing the Right VoIP Vendor and Phone Service Plan

VoIP plans and vendors do differ, so it pays to shop around. Here are a few significant considerations: 

  • Uptime: As you review different vendors and the plans they have available, be sure to ask about uptime and redundancy---find out how well they keep phone service available 24/7 and what their plan is in the event of adverse weather conditions, power outages, natural disasters, and other significant problems. 
  • Support: Remember, not all vendors support every phone make and model equally. Be sure to ask, if you need support coverage for a specific type of phone, and find out if they offer technical support and updates. 
  • Software: Look, too, at how each vendor's communications platform works. Make sure it's user-friendly and easy enough for your users to work with. Ensure it has everything you're looking for to remotely access settings and control operations as needed. 

Review each plan and vendor you are considering and be sure to write down any questions you have for each one. If you'd like, involve employees and others in the shopping process so you can get a broader perspective of what considerations you need to take into account during your search.

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