VoIP Service Providers

Are you looking for the best VoIP service providers? If you're searching for new VoIP phone service, there are a few things your new provider needs to have. From offering innovative technologies to the latest features, providers can help you scale. It's not just about sales and service, but your VoIP service provider should be knowledgeable and experienced. By leveraging their expertise, they can help you optimize the communication features at your business.

Here are a few things that you should look for with your VoIP service provider.

Customer Service and Support 24/7/365

One reason that customer support around the clock is essential is because of the "Amazon Experience". More customers want their products and services fast and they want personalized service. When you have a VoIP service provider that works around the clock you can help your customers night and day.

Customers are looking for ways you can offer them the best customer experience.

This might include:

  • Emailing, calling, texting or chat services.
  • Ensuring you respond promptly to questions or concerns.
  • Helping them with product or service purchases and returns.

To find the right service provider, interview a few providers and confirm they offer 24-hour service for you and your customers or clients. This can help you improve the customer journey and ensure there won't be any gaps if you are travelling or unavailable.

Outsourcing Assistance and Call Center Support

As your business grows, you need a VoIP services provider that will grow with you. One of the reasons this is essential has to do with scaling. Here's an example.

Let's say you start out with a small business and you suddenly grow into a large enterprise. You need a VoIP service provider that can help to support your growth.

When service providers are experienced with enterprise solutions, they can offer features to you. This is helpful especially if you want the latest phone technologies that are cost-efficient. A best-in-class VoIP services provider will offer features that can help you keep costs low, not raise them.

Efficiency and Work Productivity

Having a VoIP service provider that specializes in efficiency is important. Because you want to grow your business, you need a provider that will look for ways to improve work efficiencies.

An example is when you set up your phone lines. You might want to set up all your internal extensions and smartphone numbers. That way you can use features like a remote calling. This is a way to simplify the calling process especially if you have busy executives on the go who can't afford to miss a single call.

Another example is with work productivity. Your VoIP service provider might mention how to use voicemail to email features. This can be automated to ensure all voicemail messages come through as email messages. It's a helpful way to save time and your staff will benefit from seamless mobile integrations.

Disaster Planning and Preparedness

Another feature your VoIP service provider should offer is tools for disaster planning and preparedness. While no one wants to think about a power outage or act of war, it can happen. Ensuring there's no loss of business continuity can help protect your business and keep you connected to clients and customers.

Talk to your provider about backups for your VoIP system. You'll want to ensure you have a reliable power backup if there's a power outage. Additionally, having offsite, outsourced phone support at a moment's notice can help if there's a natural disaster. You won't have to worry about phone lines that are down and virtual support staff can provide coverage. This can allow time for your in-house staff to regroup to hotels or alternate offsite locations if necessary.


If you're looking for new VoIP service providers, do your research. You want to hire the best-in-class. Your VoIP service provider should offer 24/7/365 service and help with emergencies. Additionally, your VoIP service provider should specialize in small, medium, and enterprise solutions. This can help with every stage of your business growth. To help you with future growth strategies, turn to 8x8 for your VoIP communications solutions.

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