VoIP Phone Bandwidth Requirements: Test Your Internet Speed

Do you need VoIP phone bandwidth requirements? If you're running a collections business, you might want to switch over to VoIP phone service. VoIP is cost-efficient and it offers more features than traditional landline phones. With 8x8's VoIP service, you can enjoy benefits like intelligent debt collection dialer solutions. And, they have ways to improve your contact rates by skipping voicemails.

Here's some information on VoIP phone bandwidth requirements. This can help you understand how many phones you can support.

VoIP Phone Bandwidth Requirements

Maybe you've heard about bandwidth before. It was probably when you set up new internet or cable service at home. Your technician might have said something about having 5 Mbps versus 50 Mbps. If you don't understand bandwidth, you probably just asked for the fastest internet speed to cover multiple devices.

What is Bandwidth?

Bandwidth is the maximum amount of traffic your internet connection can support. It's how much data can be processed in a number of seconds. Lower Mbps like 5 Mbps means you can only receive about 5 megabits every second. Broadband is a "wide" band of different frequencies that allow traffic in and out. The traffic might be videos, voice, streaming content, or other data.

Average Bandwidth Speeds

The average internet connections might range from about 10 Mbps to 50 Mbps. There are some that offer 100 Mbps. These are usually for households where the entire family uses streaming devices, is online, and using the internet for gaming.

For businesses, your bandwidth might be higher depending on how many employees you have. If you have 50 employees, 75 Mbps might be sufficient. That's because businesses generally use the web for email and occasional videos.

Measuring Your Bandwidth Speeds

Your internet speed is based on bandwidth. It's important to explore how much bandwidth speed your office will need for VoIP service. To help you find the right speed for your company, do a bandwidth test to see the average speed. Then double that amount. That way you have enough internet to support all your users.

Testing Your Bandwidth

Most people start with a bandwidth test to see what their current internet speed is like. For businesses, your VoIP phone line service will be based on your internet speed. Here's an example.

Let's say you have 5 phone lines. You might be able to support 5 phones with 500 Kbps. But, if you have 100 phone lines, you might find that you need 10 Mbps.

What Does a Bandwidth Test Show?

There are a few things you can find in a bandwidth test:

A bandwidth test will give you two speeds. One is your download speed. This is how much data you can receive. It's measured in Mbps.

The other is the upload speed. This is measured in Mbps and it's your bandwidth capacity.

Pings are also important. These indicate how long it takes for your computer to communicate with your server.

There are two ways to test your bandwidth speed:

  • Use an online bandwidth speed test: You can find a test online or click here for an "internet speed test".
  • Use a simple math calculation: Use the numbers that you come up with from an internet speed test. Then multiply your internet speed by 1,000. This will take your Mbps and turn them into Kbps. Divide the number by 445. This gives you how many phone lines you can support. To find the maximum number of phone lines (without video and streaming) divide your first number by 100. This is how many phones you can support without extra data. Here's an example.

Let's say you have 50 Mbps. Multiply that by 1,000 and you have 50,000 Kbps. Divide that by 445 and you can support abut 112 phones (because you're factoring in for video, streaming, etc.). Divide the 50,000 Kbps by 100 and you'll get 500. That's the maximum number of phones you can support without the videos, streaming, and other data.

Testing Your New VoIP Phones

Once you've ordered VoIP phones for your office, you can take your voip phone plug into router. Then plug the phone into the wall. Go to the next desk and it's the same set-up. Use a voip phone plug into router and then plug the phone into the wall. The phones will be ready for use.

You should test the phones to see how your staff finds the internet coverage. If they're complaining about slow wifi, you might want to run another bandwidth test and increase your wifi speed. With VoIP phones, there might be a slight lag or latency in hearing another caller. A speed of 100 ms is standard.


Because you can check your bandwidth with a simple online test or math calculation, you'll know how many phones you can support. If your staff reports any lags or slow internet speeds, you can upgrade to a faster internet service. 8x8's VoIP service can provide you with cost-efficient solutions for your collections agency. Let 8x8 help you leverage your VoIP phone communications. You can increase call productivity and improve your contact rates. VoIP setup is easy and you can choose a pay-as-you-go plan.

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