What is a Fixed VoIP Number?

Fixed VoIP phone numbers allow companies and individuals to bring their old phone numbers with them into a new VoIP plan. Non-fixed VoIP numbers, on the other hand, are easily registered for online and may change frequently depending on the user.

As such, non-fixed numbers generally don't get stuck with a particular address or geographical location and can be brought anywhere fairly easily. Fixed numbers are usually connected to a single address or local area and don't move. When a subscriber moves, the fixed number stays in place.

In this article, you can read more about how fixed and non-fixed VoIP numbers work and find out how your organization could benefit from these technologies.

What is a Fixed VoIP Number?

Fixed VoIP phone numbers are tied to a specific VoIP subscriber, unlike non-fixed VoIP numbers, which are sometimes called "disposable" VoIP numbers because they can quickly and easily be signed up for online and do not necessarily need to be linked to a particular location, business, or address in order to be used. This means they can move from one user to another over time.

Because of this, non-fixed VoIP numbers are frequently used by spam callers to perpetrate scams or inundate phone numbers with a large number of calls. Thankfully, the vast majority of VoIP users have legitimate purposes behind their use of fixed and non-fixed VoIP numbers.

Non-fixed VoIP numbers are very easily signed-up for and shuffled around between accounts and users, making them ideal for a variety of purposes.

How Does a Fixed VoIP Number Work?

Usually, fixed VoIP numbers are used in situations where VoIP subscribers have numbers they previously used with a different type of phone service and now want to bring into a new VoIP subscription. Instead of receiving new phone numbers when they sign up for VoIP, these users plan to keep their brand and contact information consistent by keeping an older phone number and taking it with them.

To do this, they generally follow this process:

  • Signing up for service: After choosing a VoIP provider, they sign up and let the provider know they want to keep their old phone number(s).
  • Porting and implementation: As they set up the new phone system, they actually need to port their old phone number into the new system. The porting process often requires some coordination with the old phone service company to ensure the number is transferred over properly. If needed, sometimes the VoIP vendor can help with this process.
  • Phone system installation: From there, the phone system needs to start working and using the phone number. The new system will be serviced by the VoIP vendor as appropriate, with the new phone number working on the old system. Some VoIP vendors only allow fixed numbers and expect new customers to bring their own phone number into the contract with them.
  • There usually isn't much maintenance needed on a VoIP system, so once it's been installed and implemented with the new number, the fixed VoIP number service won't need constant connection upgrades in the same way landline phone connections sometimes do.

Getting Started with Fixed VoIP Numbers

Fixed and non-fixed VoIP numbers can offer a variety of benefits for your organization. For instance, a non-fixed VoIP number can travel and be used with a different location later. Fixed VoIP numbers allow you to bring an old number with you into a new VoIP account, so you don't have to keep your old landline service in order to keep your phone number. This is particularly helpful for companies that want to maintain their brand and keep their contact information the same while also changing to a new phone system. Since VoIP has so many benefits, keeping the same number and gaining VoIP access lets you make the most of your phone service---you can save money, access new phone features, and connect with your customers in new ways.

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