How Using A VoIP Client Can Save You Money

Using a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) client, you can turn virtually any computer, laptop, or other mobile device connected to the internet into a phone and make voice calls. Organizations are able to lower their total cost of ownership by switching to VoIP for calls in place of using traditional phone service.

What Is A VoIP Client?

A VoIP client is a software application that is installed on a computer and facilitates making VoIP calls. It can be installed on desktop, laptop, smartphones, and other mobile devices to eliminate the expense of long-distance charges or international calling fees.

A VoIP client handles the routing of the calls, but it does not work by itself. It will need to be part of a VoIP plan that includes a subscription service or a SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) server. If you are using a computer, you will also need a microphone and speaker, although most people use headsets if they are making or receiving a lot of calls. You can also connect to existing analog headsets by adding an analog adapter and connecting it to your network.

How Do You Make Phone Calls With A VoIP Client?

For most people, they will not even notice the difference in using a VoIP client versus a traditional phone service. Click the app or phone number in the software and the VoIP client along will send your call along the internet and make the connection for you.

The VoIP client uses VoIP technology to make the call. This means sending packets of information through the public internet. Since the internet does not care whether the packet is data, video, or voice, everything is treated the same. Whether it is an email or a phone call, it is all considered packets of data.

In a traditional phone system through your local phone company, your voice is directed through lines that connect to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) where the call is routed to the person you are calling. You are leasing these lines from the phone company and they will charge you every month. In addition, they will charge you more for long-distance calls or international calls. With VoIP, you do not need that leased line to connect to the PSTN. The calls are routed through the public internet directly to the PSTN and bypassing any leased lines. It is then routed to the end user without additional costs for access. This also eliminates long-distance charges and most international calling fees.

If the person you are calling has the VoIP client installed on their device as well, there should be no additional fees regardless of where they are in the world at any time.

What Is A Soft Phone?

You may hear people refer to a device called a “soft phone.” In reality, it is another name for a VoIP client. A soft phone is a software program that allows telephone calls to be made over a computer or mobile device without needing traditional handset hardware. The software often mimics the look of a handset on the screen with a display panel and buttons/numbers to push or click on. For business operations that make a lot of outgoing calls, this soft phone can be integrated with other applications, such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, to allow for quick calling by clicking on a contact.

Can A VoIP Client Integrate With Other Systems?

The VoIP Client is an app that allows VoIP calls to be made from your device. This means you can easily integrate your calling functions with the right software. It can be used in conjunction with a virtual office, unified communications suite, or cloud contact center. A virtual office allows for your team to work from anywhere while the unified communications suite provides the team with access to the same platform and information. As such, they can work off the same data individually or collectively. A cloud contact center serves as the backbone for CRM and customer interactions. It also provides connected knowledge management tools and workforce optimization tools.

Integrating your business systems into a unified hub, and adding VoIP clients to your computers and other devices, allows you to set up a virtual office. This allows your team to work from home, remotely, or at any location. With the proper software and routing system, inbound calls can be handled by employees regardless of where they are. This can help cut down on staffing since the workload can be distributed rather than concentrated in one office.

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