What Should You Look For in a VoIP Business Phone System?

With the advancement of technology, there are numerous business communication tools that you can use to communicate within your organization and with your customers. This includes emails, video conferences, live chats and instant messaging. However, with their many benefits, most communication tools can never beat the telephone when it comes to giving your communication a personal touch. Telephones are also easy to use.

There are two types of business phone systems that you can implement in your business: the traditional phone system (that makes use of cables and switches) and the VoIP business phone system.

What is a VoIP business phone system?

VoIP business phone system refers to a phone system that delivers calls to employees over their office internet protocol (IP) data network that your computer or smartphone uses for web browsing, email, among other functions. IP telephony, as VoIP phones are also referred to, allow voice, video, and collaborative interactivity without using dedicated phone lines and Public Switched Telephone Network, and are often less expensive than traditional telephone services.

What are the Strengths of VoIP Business Phone Systems?

VoIP business phone systems, unlike traditional phones, augment the business phone system features and productivity-boosting integrations with popular business applications. Because the VoIP phones deliver calls over the Internet, it’s simple to interconnect all your employees --including those in remote locations-- through a single phone system. This will make your business leaner and reduce monthly phone bills. In addition, with one simple web portal to manage your phone system, you will greatly save time too.

What are the Key Features of a Great VoIP Business Phone System?

Some of the features that make VoIP Business Phone System better than traditional phone systems include:

  • Simple administration: they have easy self-service configuration and administration feature that allows you to make instant changes without the support of full-time IT professionals.
  • Unlimited Global Calling: they allow unlimited worldwide calling to up to 47 countries.
  • Mobile & desktop apps: they have open desktop and mobile apps that enable you to work on any device, from anywhere, and at any time.
  • HD voice: they deliver business phone calls with high clarity to ensure you get every word of the conversation.
  • Presence: they make use of automatic and manual presence capabilities to let the coworkers know what each party is up to.
  • Team Messaging/Chat: they have the ability to instantly send messages and share files to individuals and teams for effective collaboration.
  • Voicemail: they allow you to view and listen to your voicemails from your desk phone, computer, or your mobile device.
  • Secure voice: they prevent unauthorized interception of calls using protocols such as 8x8’s support of industry standard TLS/SRTP encryption.
  • Audio conferencing: they provide every user with their own personal audio conferencing bridge for hosting multiple callers.
  • Video Conferencing/Meetings: they allow for easy collaboration from anywhere on any device using the most integrated video and audio conferencing with HD quality and instant screen sharing.
  • Operator switchboard: they allow for the easier answering of a high volume of calls while quickly and efficiently routing callers to the right person.

How should choose the Best VoIP Phone System?

Over the last decade, the VoIP phone services industry has been developing at a very high rate. Now, the market is awash with numerous VoIP business phone brands. To choose the best VoIP Business Phone System for your business then requires you to consider the following:

One Experience: great VoIP should enable your employees and customers to communicate on any device, anywhere, anytime.

Cost: the VoIP system should lower and make your costs more predictable. It should also improve service with guaranteed call reliability and quality.

  • Implementation services: a reputable VoIP should provide 24/7/365 global support and training to help you get started, keep you running smoothly and ensure you optimize the value from the 8x8 solution.
  • One Platform to Manage: A world-class VoIP system should be able to accommodate all users, apps, and modes of communication.
  • One Source of Data for Unique Insights: The great VoIP system should capture and analyze data from every connection.
  • Form-Fitting: A top-notch VoIP phone system should mix and match VoIP, Video, Team Meetings or Call Center service plans to meet a wide range of business needs.
  • Open Ecosystem: A high-class VoIP phone system should integrate with mission-critical business apps such as Salesforce, Zendesk, and NetSuite with out-of-the-box APIs for developers.
  • Securely Compliant: The VoIP phone system should also have pre-built security compliance certifications including HIPAA, SOX, and FISMA to guarantee you the security of your data.

According to Inc., an American business magazine, 8x8 is rated as the top VoIP provider for small and medium businesses.


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