Best VoIP Service for Home

VoIP phone service has a lot to offer home users. Finding the right home phone service can be tough, however. VoIP providers can offer you higher quality, more affordable phone service that can adapt to your needs.

In this article, you can read about some of the benefits of VoIP home phone service and how it can replace landline phones.

What is the Best VoIP Service for Home?

The best VoIP phone services for home use offer a variety of features, have flexible plans, and are affordable at multiple price points. With a little shopping around, you can find the best VoIP service for your home and get started quickly.

VoIP offers a variety of benefits for households that other forms of phone service can't provide or don't do as good of a job of providing. It can even help you work from home.

How Does VoIP Work?

VoIP works differently from other types of phone service. It uses the Internet to transmit phone communications and can reach domestic and international phone subscribers. Using SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunking, it can connect with the public phone network, and packets of information sent via a phone system can be translated into a form traditional phone service understands for communication to occur between different phone service types.

Thanks to VoIP service, subscribers can access advanced phone features more affordably and effectively than before.

How's VoIP Different from a Landline?

Landline phones use an older, legacy phone network system that relies on copper wire lines and other types of traditional phone infrastructure. In contrast, VoIP services use the Internet and do not necessarily need a distinct connection from other Internet-based services.

With VoIP, subscribers can still make traditional phone calls and dial numbers to call subscribers of other phone services. They can call landline phones and the landline users on the other end of the call wouldn't notice anything out of place or unusual about the VoIP phone service.

What Services Do the Best Home VoIP Plans Have in Common?

The best VoIP phone services usually have a lot of features in common. For home plans, the features that many business users consider to be essentials are probably not as important, although there are a lot of VoIP features that may interest home users.

Here are a few features and functions that home-based VoIP subscribers might particularly appreciate:

  • Multiple extensions or numbers: If everyone in the family wants their own number, that's possible with VoIP phone service, and it's not as expensive as it probably would be with landlines phones.
  • Voicemail: Of course, having voicemail can definitely be helpful for home users. That way, callers can leave messages if you aren't able to pick up right away.
  • Call recording: It may be helpful to record your calls. Keep in mind that depending on where you live, you might need to get permission from the other party before you can record them.
  • Spam filters: If you regularly receive calls from unwanted callers, you may be able to block or otherwise remove these calls.
  • International service: Stay in touch with friends and family overseas. Often cheaper than traditional landline long distance and international calls.
  • Choose your area code: You can even pick your own area code in most cases, so you can get a local code or one that matches your family's number.
  • Call transcribing: Having your calls transcribed can take some of the work out of listening to voicemail and responding to messages.

There are other features subscribers might appreciate, as well. These are just a few of the VoIP features that home subscribers choose the most to use with their phone service. Depending on what you need for your home phones, you may need other features, too.

Getting Started with VoIP Service for Home

VoIP home service is a fantastic alternative to traditional landline service and it offers a great deal to people looking for an alternative to legacy phones. Home service from a VoIP provider can offer you more while also making phone service more affordable than ever.

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