Choosing the Best Enterprise VoIP System for Your Business

So, you're already impressed by the advanced features that a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system offers over your traditional wired communication system. The flexibility and affordability that comes along have already convinced you to switch your office communications to VoIP. The move is indeed in the right direction and is sure to help your business with increased productivity. However, remember that not all VoIP solutions are created equal. Each one has its own merits and demerits. As such, it is crucial that you realize what exactly you need to achieve out of the VoIP deployment and choose the best enterprise VoIP system that fits your business needs.

Choosing the Best Enterprise VoIP System

We’ve compiled key points that you should consider when choosing the VoIP solution for your business.

Features and Pricing

One of the major reasons to adopt a VoIP solution is access to advanced features that bring more productivity. When looking for VoIP solution for your organization, ensure that core features such as directories, call routing and call recording come as a standard. You may even find a highly competitive solution but it may not have the features that you need. Similarly, there may be a solution that has all the features but is too costly. To ensure that you choose the right solution, look for service providers who allow the flexibility to select features based on your requirements.

Mobile Apps

VoIP is all about mobility. It essentially allows you to communicate even when you’re on the go. However, not all service providers offer mobile apps that have the same functionality and features of desktop apps. Make sure that your service provider offers a full-featured mobile app that can do more than just calling, such as allowing users access to instant messaging, fax, voicemail, video conferencing and more.

Integration With Third-Party Apps

Your VoIP system must include the capability to integrate your existing business tools such as CRM, ERP, Project Management tools and file-hosting apps. This is essential if you want your teams to be more productive. Integration helps in accessing key business information without going through the process of data migration from one platform to other. It also allows you to easily collaborate with your vendors and partners on a single interface. Make sure that your VoIP service provider offers integrations with your other services.

Unified Communications

The true potential of VoIP can be unlocked by unifying all your communication channels. The ability to send emails and messages, and make voice and video conference calls through a single app ensures a clutter-free communication and a tighter collaboration. This is often termed as Unified Communications and the service is offered through a SaaS (Software as a Service) model. This unification helps you avoid managing multiple services, as you can access all channels through an integrated communication platform. However, not all VoIP service providers offer this key productivity feature. Choosing a Unified Communications solution is ideal if you have remote teams and offices to ensure a seamless connection between all.


Just like every other internet-based solution, VoIP is vulnerable to cyber threats, too. It is crucial that you choose a VoIP solution that offers enterprise-grade security so that your sensitive business information remains safe and secure from hackers and eavesdroppers. A good VoIP system will have end-to-end encryption, VPN and user authentication capabilities to keep VoIP network secure. A HIPAA- and FIPS-compliant VoIP solution offers a great level of security from the prying eyes. Ensure that you do not neglect the security part while choosing the VoIP solution.


Although deploying a VoIP system is quick and easy, it is important that the solution is backed with strong customer support. A reliable VoIP service provider will usually have 24x7 phone support, live chat and email ticket support in place to resolve customer queries quickly. If your service provider does not guarantee good customer support, it is better to look elsewhere to avoid the hassles later on.

The Right Enterprise VoIP System for You

Efficient communication is a key to productive and profitable business, and VoIP precisely helps you in achieving that. However, before shifting your traditional communication channels to a VoIP system, make sure that the solution that you choose checks all the boxes in your list of requirements.

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