What is a VoIP Adapter and How Does it Work?

Since we have slowly begun the transition to Internet-based communication systems, new methods and technologies are being developed to make that transition as easy and smooth as possible. VoIP adapter, also known as Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) is one such device aimed to do just that!

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is a popular internet protocol that enables the transmission of voice through the Internet. It is different from conventional communication systems that use wired lines for communication. These telephonic lines are regarded as an analog form of communication.

However, VoIP doesn’t use telephonic lines for the transmission of data, since the transfer of communication happens through the internet. With such a change of communication channel, VoIP has many features that conventional telephony lacks. Since the data is transmitted as data bits, VoIP is a digital form of communication.

The reduced cost and the myriad of benefits make VoIP the best among the two, but there still lies a skepticism on whether shifting conventional communication channels to VoIP-based telephony would bring in that much of an advantage. VoIP adapters are used in the industry to help businesses to make the decision of choosing between the two. The VoIP adapters attach themselves to analog communication lines and digitize the analog data into digital content that can be easily sent over the Internet.

The installation is also quick and simple as the users only need to attach the telephone line to the FXS (Foreign Exchange Subscriber) Port on the VoIP adapter. The internet cable can be attached to the other end of the VoIP adapter using RJ-45 cable (a connecting cable that is often used for Ethernet networking). The analog to digital conversion happens inside the converter.

The cost of a VoIP adapter is very minimal when compared to full-fledged VoIP server systems. Hence, VoIP adapter is a very cost-effective method that can help businesses digitize their communication channels.

VoIP Adapters Bring Advanced Features To Your Existing Telephone Lines

In essence, you can keep your existing analog communication lines and have the advanced communication features of the VoIP systems. This is a great way to try out VoIP systems and understand how they will integrate into your company. The possible advantages can also be evaluated, with emphasis on how this modern technology can bring in profits to your company.

But is VoIP worth the hardware addition? Let us review what changes VoIP brings to the table!

  • Scaling: VoIP systems are easily scalable. Unlike the conventional telephone lines, you don’t need to pay for the number of physical lines, Since VoIP uses the internet, it provides massive bandwidth for communication lines. You add or remove connections as soon as a new employee is added or removed from your organization.
  • Get connected regardless of location: With conventional telephone lines the employees can only take calls when they are near a telephone. However, this is not the case for hosted VoIP solutions as the calls can be routed to your smartphone or physical telephone as per your requirement.
  • Advanced calling features: With VoIP systems, you can have access to modern call features like call holding, call hunting, mute, conferencing, tracking etc. These features are very important for business as they can play a vital role in customer retention and conversions.
  • Legacy support: Do not think you are missing out any features you currently have with telephones when you make the move towards VoIP systems. VoIP is backwards compatible with legacy features like FAX and you can easily use them with VoIP as you do with your current systems.

Saves on communication expenditures: You can cancel and add connections on the go without paying a massive overhead fee. Also, many modern connection providers offer pay per use plans, which again adds to the cost savings that VoIP systems bring to the company.

The advantages of going for a VoIP based communications are plenty. VoIP adapters enable your business to access the benefits of VoIP-based communication systems without costing a ton. Considering the savings that they provide users, VoIP systems are a worthy investment. However, it is crucial that you must choose a reliable service provider when it comes to VoIP communication systems.

This way, you will have breakage free connection and impeccable customer care support. With 8x8, you can enjoy all the benefits of a hosted VoIP communication channel without any hassles.

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