Understanding Video Sharing

Free video sharing can help your business reach new audiences and provide better customer service. Video plans can help you host meetings, share information, plan a class or train new employees. Businesses can gain a lot from free video calling and may make it a significant part of their outreach. 

In this article, you can learn more about what a free video sharing software platform has to offer you, and how it can provide your business with more outreach and marketing opportunities. Free video sharing works in several different ways depending on the software, so keep reading to find out which features might be best for your business. You can also find out more about UCaaS and what it has to offer your organization.

What Is Free Video Sharing? 

Free video sharing enables your business to record training videos, share information about your products, host meetings and conferences, and provide classes. It's a flexible solution that can help you reduce travel costs, extend your marketing budget and more. Some free video sharing software is included with UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) and CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) in addition to communications such as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Depending on the service you have and the features it offers, your organization may also get access to a free video call without registration and video plan software. 

There are a variety of services that provide free video sharing, although where you decide to access this service may depend on what your business needs from a video plan. 

How Does Free Video Sharing Work? 

Free video sharing can work in a variety of ways: 

  • Sharing existing video: Some video sharing sites work in a similar fashion to file sharing, allowing users to log in and share videos publicly or privately. YouTube is one example of a site where you can simply post videos or host a channel online. 
  • Share a video call: Video calling plans can be free, but free video calling may have limited features. For up to 10 participants, you can host video conferences and have a meeting, class or share information with others. 
  • Cloud hosting: You may also want to share videos with colleagues. Cloud-hosted file sharing can help with that. 

If you need video sharing calls, video calling can be accessed through UCaaS or similar business communications software. Some of these plans offer free video calls. These plans may have fewer restrictions than completely free video conferencing plans. 

What Is UCaaS? 

UCaaS enables your business to access a variety of different forms of business communications. For example, UCaaS brings together: 

  • Chat: Online chat is a great way to communicate with customers who visit your website, or even with coworkers internally within your organization. 
  • Phone: VoIP phone service has a lot to offer and can give your organization a robust call center with access to advanced phone features. 
  • Text: Using text, communicate with your team members or outside the organization with customers. 
  • Social media: Today, more and more businesses are using social media in their marketing and customer service. This is a good omnichannel strategy for businesses looking to reach more new customers and broaden their popularity among social media followers. 

Thanks to UCaaS, your business can reach new communications and productivity goals. The software has a lot to offer you and your organization can gain a lot from it.

Getting Started With Free Video Sharing

If you're looking for a way to do a free video call, video calling via a free video sharing app may make sense for your business. Free video call without registration software may help your business, as can video conferencing with UCaaS software. UCaaS is a key part of having a good omnichannel strategy for reaching new customers and providing service to existing fans. 

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