What is a Contact Center?

Contact centers are modern call centers with other communications capabilities besides phones. Agents working in contact centers are able to communicate in many different ways with other members of the team, customers and members of the public.

With call center software, contact centers have a greater range of capabilities and capacities. They can access advanced calling functions and contact center operations can readily be bench-marked and monitored for quality and compliance purposes.

Organizations of every size and industry can set up a contact center of their own with a basic cloud contact center plan.

Understanding the Modern Contact Center

A lot of people wondering, "what is a contact center?" are interested in creating one for their organization. With today's contact center technologies, it is easier than ever before to do so.

A contact center is a call center that has additional capabilities such as chat functionality. The rise of contact centers coincided with the growth of the internet and the popularity of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for businesses. Thanks to VoIP, contact centers can be significantly larger than before with a bigger number of agents and more departments. Every agent can have an extension even if the organization is very small, making it easier to operate call centers at scale. This scalability makes contact centers a much more reliable part of a business strategy that can be implemented in businesses of any size, shape, and industry.

Handling a broad range of communications, contact centers can process inbound and outbound calls, SMS text messages, chat, email and more. Every popular form of communication customers and employees use to communicate can happen at a contact center.

Social media communications is a growth area that has gained significant interest in companies with contact centers, for example. Now, agents can interact with consumers who use business social media pages—all in real time. This is great for reputation management as well as customer service.

Find out how a contact center can help your business.

How Does a Contact Center Relate to Call Center Software?

Contact center and call center software makes today's modern call centers possible. Cloud contact centers are cloud hosted offsite through software. With these software systems, your business can quickly and easily set up a communications platform that can help your organization thrive. You can even connect a remote workforce and have team members who are in different towns or time zones working for your organization with these advancements. Wherever you're able to connect to the internet reliably and efficiently, you can access your contact center system.

These software platforms have other features as well. They can monitor calls and track important metrics for your organization. This way, your organization can access the right tools and performance-measuring features to allow your business to thrive.

In many different ways, these software platforms are helpful for contact and call centers. For instance:

  • Customer service: Contact centers can offer improved customer service thanks to contact center software. Customers can be automatically called back so they don't have to wait, queues allow people to get the help they need in the order they call, voice biometrics allow callers to be authenticated by their unique voices, and other features make a difference for customers and improve service.
  • Management: Call center management have access to more features they can use, too. For instance, call recording allows organizations to have a record of important calls or improve team training over time. Management can watch for compliance issues and track metrics data.
  • Team members: Employees have access to features such as built-in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, allowing them to have the information they need conveniently while on calls with customers. This way, they have information they need and can quickly reference data and previous conversations while on a call.

Thanks to these and other features, contact centers can do more for customers while also making organizations' work easier and keeping everyone on the same page with metrics and data tracking.

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