What Is Call Center Analytics?

Call center analytics uses the latest knowledge of data science, telecommunications and customer service best practices to help companies improve the performance of their call centers. The information gleaned through these methods allows businesses to identify actionable steps they can take and improvements they can make throughout the organization. 

Using key performance indicators (KPIs), the data that call center analytics generates can allow businesses to align better with customer expectations and market demands. 

How Do I Use Center Analytics Software?

These days, software is a powerful tool business use to enable them to conduct a more accurate analysis of their call center performance. By bringing together multiple metrics at a glance, call center analytics software enables organizations to have the right KPIs they need to make business decisions through call center predictive analytics. 

Call center analytics software is designed to put what data science knows about business to work for your organization so you can focus on your key business operations instead. 

Typically, these systems are part of a full telecommunications platform or a stand-alone software as a service (SaaS) solution. This software is available off the shelf or as a customized system tailored to your business, your industry or the size of your call center. Knowing your specific business needs can help you choose the right call center analytics software. 

How Can Call Center Analytics Help My Business?

There's a reason so many industries are thinking about analytics right now. Call center predictive analytics can help you make business decisions based on how well your call center is performing compared with your goals. 

While the exact features of any call center analytics software will vary, here are some typical functions: 

  • Tag language patterns: See if your team is addressing the right topics on every call.
  • Track agent performance: Monitor agent performance to ensure your team is always on point.
  • Automate scorecards: Identify coaching and performance issues early with automated scorecards.
  • Quantify customer emotions: Pick up on customer emotions and gain a better perspective of why customers are calling your inbound call center.
  • Verify regulatory compliance: Tag non-compliant language, identify non-compliant behaviors, and ensure regulations are properly followed.
  • Measure reactions to marketing and special offers: See how well your marketing and special offers are working.

With tagging capabilities, the possibilities are endless for using call center analytics. 

How Does AI and Big Data Relate to Call Center Analytics?

Big Data and AI are more than just buzzwords. Indeed, they're enabling businesses to do so much more than ever before with their data. Call center analytics help you automatically sift through large amounts of data to pull only the most relevant and useful information for call center predictive analytics. 

Since it's so easy to collect an overwhelming amount of call center data, organizations need the means to process it into useful information quickly and easily. 

Thanks to AI, that's becoming easier every day. Technology is powering predictive analytics at today's call centers, allowing you to get a better understanding of both the big picture and important details. 

Getting Started with Call Center Analytics

Your Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) vendor can help you access the right call center analytics platform for your business and can show you how to use it for your business goals. 

Generating reports regularly allows you to monitor KPIs for patterns so you can identify possible changes to implement. Change doesn't always come easy, of course, so it will be up to your organization to make use of the data and decide how to adjust course when necessary. 

Additionally, finding the right vendor for your organization can empower you and your team to use the best data science applications for your company's goals. If you have any analytical questions, they can also refer you to more information and resources. 

Great VoIP vendors are also great partners toward defining and achieving your own strategic direction. Take the time you need and do your research to find a partner who understands your organization and has the experience to guide you. Having great technology is only half the equation — it also takes the right expertise to put it to use in a way that's relevant and effective. 

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