Check Number Transfer Status

If you have submitted your number transfer request with 8x8, you can check the status online:

  • Login to your 8x8 account
  • Select Phone System in the upper lefthand corner
  • Select Number Transfer from the left menu
  • Select the Check Transfer Status button

Transfer Process and Timing

8x8 makes every attempt to work with all telephone service providers across the United States; however certain local or regional guidelines may preclude us from being able to transfer your number to 8x8. In such cases, a new number from 8x8 would be provided.

In most cases, we can transfer your number within 10 business days from when you submit the number transfer request, provided that all the correct information and documentation is submitted, including a correctly filled out Letter of Authorization (LOA) and the correct Billing Telephone Number (BTN). In some cases, number transfers can take up to 4 weeks depending on when your current provider releases your number(s). During the transfer process, 8x8 will provide a temporary phone number that is your option to keep. 8x8 will work with you every step of the way should you have questions and need help submitting your number transfer request.

Important things to consider

  • Do not cancel your old phone service until after your number is transferred to 8x8. We cannot transfer your number(s) unless your account is still active with your old provider. After your number has been transferred to 8x8, your former phone service provider may automatically discontinue your service with them, however, you should contact your former phone service provider to confirm this.
  • Do you have DSL? You cannot transfer a number that has DSL associated with it. You can sign up for cable or satellite service and then you can transfer the number to 8x8. Or, you can contact your current provider and ask for a new number for your DSL, have the DSL switched to the new number then port your old number.