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View September 2016 Newsletter

  • Exciting New Features for Virtual Contact Center
  • Barge-Monitor-Whisper for Virtual Office
  • 8x8’s Integrated Solution Powers Mobi’s Interactions
  • Virtual Office Mobile App
  • Live Demo: Quality Management from 8x8

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  • 8x8 A Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader for 5 Consecutive Years
  • 8x8 Academy Online Training Resources
  • Greg’s 88-second Customer Service Adventure
  • Going Global with Virtual Contact Center

View July 2016 Newsletter

  • 8x8’s Support Is Just a Click Away
  • Know Who’s Calling with Click2Pop
  • The March to True Globalization
  • Better Together: Virtual Office and Virtual Contact Center!

View June 2016 Newsletter

  • Get Call Quality Metrics with Virtual Office Analytics
  • Virtual Office Meetings—Overview
  • 8x8’s Brand Promise
  • Together We Win: Record Breaking FY 2016

View May 2016 Newsletter

  • Add HD Video Conferencing to Virtual Office Meetings
  • Call Activity Reporting for Queues & Ring Groups
  • 5 Productivity Apps You Didn’t Know Existed
  • The Customer-Centered Contact Center

View April 2016 Newsletter

  • Get Advanced Call Reporting with Analytics Essentials
  • Barge-Monitor-Whisper for Virtual Office
  • Celebrating New 8x8 Romania Office
  • Basic Switchboard EOL. Upgrade to Switchboard Pro

View February 2016 Newsletter

  • Barge-Monitor-Whisper for Virtual Office
  • 8x8 Integrations
  • Living in a Measured World

View January 2016 Newsletter

  • New Virtual Office Features—Group Pickup and Call Park Extensions
  • Virtual Contact Center Analytics Package
  • Now Sharing Phones is Easier with 8x8


View August 2015 Newsletter

  • Communication Analytics That Will Amaze You
  • How to Set Up a Holiday Schedule for Your Auto Attendant
  • Upcoming Customer Webinars
  • See 8x8 at Dreamforce and Save on Registration
  • Stay One Step Ahead of Your Customers with Proactive Chat
  • Customer Spotlight: London Overground Rail Operations

View July 2015 Newsletter

  • Virtual Office Analytics Enhancements
  • Be Your Organization’s Security & Compliance Goalie
  • July App Releases
  • Webinar Series: Three Paths to Excellent Customer Service
  • Upcoming Customer Webinars
  • Customer Spotlight: UFC GYM

View June 2015 Newsletter

  • Infonetics: 8x8 is #1 Two Years in a Row
  • 8x8 Acquires DXI and Quality Software Corporation
  • New Features for Switchboard Pro
  • 8x8 Innovators Awarded New Patents
  • Upcoming Customer Webinars
  • Customer Spotlight: Shimano
  • Follow 8x8 on Spiceworks

View May 2015 Newsletter

  • Join 8x8’s Referral Rewards Program
  • Follow 8x8 on Spiceworks
  • Featured Webinar—Real Deployment Stories from the Field
  • New 8x8 Invoice Format
  • 5 Steps to Cope with Medical Wearables
  • Upcoming Customer Webinars
  • Customer Spotlight: Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar

View April 2015 Newsletter

  • Success Checklist: 7 Steps to Better Customer Experiences
  • Plantronics Savi W745 Wireless Headset System
  • Upcoming Customer Webinars
  • Customer Spotlight: Abode Services

View March 2015 Newsletter

  • Ultra-Cool Cloud Analytics
  • Upcoming Customer Webinars
  • Apple Deal Underscores Safe Harbor’s Importance in Business Communications
  • Is Your Company in Call Center Denial?
  • eGuide: 3 Ways Your Call Center Choice Can Make or Break Your CRM Investment
  • Customer Spotlight: McDonald’s

View February 2015 Newsletter

  • New Advanced Reporting and Analytics Suite for Virtual Office
  • Visit 8x8 at Enterprise Connect
  • Clearing Up Omni-Confusion about Omni-Channel
  • Upcoming Customer Webinars
  • Upgrade Your Outdated Aastra Phones to Polycom HD Voice Technology and Save
  • Customer Spotlight: Shutterstock

View January 2015 Newsletter

  • 8x8 Awarded 100th US Patent
  • NEW: Lync Integration for Virtual Office Desktop
  • Virtual Office Mobile 4.6 Now Available for iOS and Android
  • Switchboard Pro: Forward Calls to an External Number
  • Upcoming Customer Webinars
  • Upgrade Your Outdated Fanstel Phones to Polycom HD Voice Technology and Save 68%
  • Customer Spotlight: FishNet Security


View December 2014 Newsletter

  • Happy Holidays from 8x8
  • Upcoming Customer Webinars
  • Upgrade Your Outdated Fanstel Phones to Polycom HD Voice Technology and Save 68%
  • Thanks for Over 600 Amazing “Tell Us Your 8x8 Story” Submissions
  • Hints & Tips: Using the 8x8 Virtual Contact Center Queued Callback Feature
  • Customer Spotlight: Oregon Human Development Corp
  • How to Set Up a Holiday Schedule for Your Auto Attendant

View November 2014 Newsletter

  • 8x8 Honored with Two Prestigious Awards
  • New Release of Virtual Contact Center!
  • How to Set Up a Holiday Schedule for Your Auto Attendant
  • Wounded Veterans Deserve a Chance at Success Back Home
  • Why Your Healthcare Provider’s Phone System Matters
  • Upcoming Customer Webinars
  • Customer Spotlight: Bank of Cardiff
  • Save 20% on Holiday Music and Message-on-Hold Recordings

View October 2014 Newsletter

  • What’s New: Send Text Messages from Your 8x8 Extension
  • Tell Us Your Story and You Could Win an iPad!
  • Hints & Tips: Setting Up Your Auto Attendant
  • Save 20% on Holiday Music and Message-on-Hold Recordings
  • Webinars Show New Features, New Integrated Power
  • How to Increase Customer Loyalty
  • 5 Tips to Instill Excellence in Customer Service
  • Customer Spotlight: BPO Service Provider
  • MatrixOneSource Provides High-Touch Customer Service
  • Upcoming Events

View September 2014 Newsletter

  • 8x8 Named A Leader Again in Gartner Magic Quadrant
  • Coming Soon: New 8x8 Website
  • Switchboard Pro Makes Managing Incoming Calls Easier
  • Always be heard… wherever you like to sit
  • Hints & Tips: Got a Voicemail But The Phone Didn’t Ring?
  • Upcoming Customer Webinars
  • Customer Spotlight: Engineering and Architecture Firm BWSC
  • Upcoming Events
  • Discounts on Upcoming Events

View August 2014 Newsletter

  • I Got the Power
  • Don’t Be the Comcast Guy’s Manager
  • 8x8 Hints & Tips: Call Park
  • Upcoming Customer Webinars
  • Customer Spotlight: Dental Office of Dr. Frank Long
  • Discounts on Upcoming Events
  • Upcoming Events
  • Could a School You Like Get E-Rate Phone Service?

View July 2014 Newsletter

  • 8x8 Mobile App Now Has Cellular Call Mode!
  • Two New Features: 8x8 Branch Office and Switchboard Pro
  • New Virtual Meeting Stability Enhancements
  • Special Webinar: E-Rate Telecom Funds for Education, July 29
  • Is Your Company on the Fed’s List of HIPAA Violators?
  • Upcoming Customer Webinars
  • Be an 8x8 Champion—Showcase Your Success
  • Customer Spotlight—Artco Group Competes Globally Using 8x8

View June 2014 Newsletter

  • Polycom VVX SideCars Are Here!
  • Are You Being Left Out of the Net Neutrality Debate?
  • Hints & Tips: Prepare for the Unexpected
  • Upcoming Customer Webinars
  • Why Conduit Service Won’t Keep Your Business HIPAA-Compliant
  • Avoiding the Customer Service Maze
  • Everybody Wins With Virtual Contact Center Plus Teleopti WFM
  • Customer Spotlight—McDonnell and Associates Law Firm

View May 2014 Newsletter

  • 8x8 is #1 in a Changing Competitive Landscape
  • How to Create a Summer Schedule for Your Auto Attendant
  • Special Live Webinar: Teleopti Workforce Management
  • Configuring Virtual Office and Virtual Contact Center for HIPAA Compliance
  • Upcoming Customer Webinars
  • Customer Spotlight: Fix Auto
  • 30% Off Call Center Week Conference and Expo
  • Upcoming events

View April 2014 Newsletter

  • 8x8 Awarded 2014 Best MidMarket Solution
  • A Fresh, New Design for Virtual Office Online & Virtual Office Desktop
  • Upcoming Customer Webinars
  • UCStrategies Expert Interviews 8x8’s CEO on Cloud Adoption
  • Cloud Call Center Software Mashups Handle the Real World
  • Customer Spotlight: Aon Hewitt
  • Upcoming Events

View March 2014 Newsletter

  • New Polycom VVX 600 Phone & Webcam
  • From Business Phone Service to Coffee, Security Matters
  • Free Yourself from Old Ideas That Went Out With the Mullet
  • 8x8 Receives Skyhigh CloudTrust Program Enterprise-Ready Rating
  • Customer Spotlight: Buildium Delivers Legendary Customer Support with 8x8 and Salesforce
  • Upcoming Customer Webinars Upcoming
  • Events

View February 2014 Newsletter

  • Introducing a Simplified Ticketing and Self-Service Solution
  • Live Demo: 8x8 Virtual Contact Center App for Zendesk, March 5
  • Great Customer Service Is Job #1 for CEOs
  • Voicemail-to-Email Enhancements—Turn That Blinking Red Light Off from the Email Notification
  • Upcoming Customer Webinars
  • Customer Spotlight: Belfast City Airport Chooses 8x8 Solutions
  • Upcoming Events

View January 2014 Newsletter

  • Your Business May be Subject to New HIPAA Requirements and You Don’t Realize It
  • Feature Spotlight—Virtual Office Mobile App Enhancements
  • Hints & Tips—Flip that Call from Desk Phone to Smartphone to Softphone
  • Upcoming Webinars
  • Customer Spotlight—Direct Interactions Enables People with Disabilities to Work from Home
  • Upcoming Events


View December 2013 Newsletter

  • Season’s Greetings from 8x8
  • 8x8 Expands Across the Pond
  • New Virtual Office Contact Directory
  • Virtual Office Online & Virtual Office Desktop Enhancements
  • Upcoming Customer Webinars
  • How to Set Up a Holiday Schedule for Your Auto Attendant
  • 8x8 Customer Spotlight-Taylor & Taylor Law Firm

View November 2013 Newsletter

  • Gartner Recognizes 8x8 as a Leader in Unified Communications as a Service
  • New Polycom VVX 400 IP Phone: As Low as $100
  • How to Set Up a Holiday Schedule for Your Auto Attendant
  • Live Webinar: Unlock the Power of Your Auto Attendant
  • 8x8 Referral Rewards Program
  • Introducing Virtual Contact Center 8.0
  • Run Two Businesses Out Of One Office for Less
  • Thanks for 600 Amazing “Tell Us Your 8x8 Story” Submissions

View October 2013 Newsletter

  • Message from the CEO
  • Tell Us Your Story and You Could Win an iPad!
  • Are You Ready for the New Contact Directory?
  • Use Your Business Phone Service to Masquerade for Fun and Profit
  • 4 Must-Have Telecommuting Features for Business Phone Service
  • Live Webinar: Unlock the Power of Your Auto Attendant
  • The Things We Do For Love—With Our Business Phone Service

View September 2013 Newsletter

  • Business Inspiration: The All New 8x8 Blog
  • Introducing the Polycom VVX 400/410 IP Phone With Intuitive Color Screen
  • Be in the Know When You Get Social with 8x8
  • Guerrilla Marketing with Virtual Numbers
  • Webinar: Use Virtual Office to Look Bigger, Grow Bigger
  • Connected by the Cloud: 8x8 Helps Empower RE/MAX

View August 2013 Newsletter

  • 8x8 Upgrades Instant Messaging Capabilities with Group Chat
  • Take Back Your Weekend With Your Small Business Phone System
  • 6 Important Things to Know About User Profiles
  • Live Demo: Virtual Office Online and Virtual Office Pro
  • And the Winner Is…
  • Make Your Business Shine—8x8 Wants Your Story!

View July 2013 Newsletter

  • Big Discounts for K-12 Schools, Districts and Libraries
  • Showcase Your Success and Gain Recognition
  • Contest Alert: How Did You Come Out of the (Telecom) Closet?
  • Upcoming Webinar: Prepare Now to Survive a Disaster Later
  • 5 Ways Call Recording Can Help Your Business
  • 8x8 Champion: Dr Angelique Andrews, H.A.P.P.I. Inc

View June 2013 Newsletter

  • Tips for Communicating From a Technology Black Hole
  • 8x8 VoIP Saved My International Business Trip
  • How Did You Ditch Your PBX or Old Phone Company?
  • Feature Tip: How to Download and Archive Your Online Faxes
  • 5 Reasons Why Your Business Might Need a Call Center in the Cloud
  • Live Demo: Unlock the Power of Your Auto Attendant
  • Virtual Contact Center Helps ‘Save’ Blue World Pools

View May 2013 Newsletter

  • Feature Spotlight: User Profile Changes
  • Introducing Outlook Integration 3.0
  • Featured Live Webinar
  • Don’t Miss these Upcoming Webinars
  • Instant Messaging is a Powerful Business Tool
  • How the 8x8 iPhone App Saved the Deal
  • Customer Spotlight: My Learning Plan

View April 2013 Newsletter

  • What SMB Owners Can Teach Enterprise about VoIP
  • Live Demo: Virtual Office Online & Virtual Office Pro—Register Now
  • Customer Spotlight: Blueair Learns Great Customer Service Isn’t Expensive
  • Understanding Your 8x8 Monthly Statement
  • Virtual Meeting – Outlook Integration (Beta)
  • Cloud-based Call Centers Offer New Freedom to Businesses
  • How-To Video Tutorials: 8x8 Auto Attendant
  • 8x8 Facebook Poll

View March 2013 Newsletter

  • Grand Opening! 8x8 Audio Production Store
  • It’s Virtual Office Online in a Compact Desktop App
  • Call Log Reporting Enhancements
  • New Call Recording Configuration Options
  • Is Your Voicemail System Costing You Business?
  • Follow Us on LinkedIn
  • Customer Spotlight – West Town Savings Bank
  • Host User Desktops in the Cloud

View February 2013 Newsletter

  • 8x8 Introduces VoIP Service in Canada
  • Cloud Communications Technology Helps Businesses Weather Disasters
  • Now Small Business Can Compete With Goliaths for Top Talent
  • Live Webinar: Unlock the Power of Your Auto Attendant
  • Customer Spotlight: Zumiez Improves Service with Virtual Contact Center

View January 2013 Newsletter

  • Customer Spotlight: OTI America
  • Webinar: The Next Disaster is Coming. Are You Prepared?
  • Virtual Office Pro: Internet Fax Improvements
  • Finding Customers When They Are Ready to Buy
  • Start the New Year with New Hold Music and Save


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