Got a Voicemail But the Phone Didn’t Ring?

Ever wondered why you have a voicemail but your phone didn’t ring? If your company’s Internet service has a temporary failure, it will affect your 8x8 business phone service. Your 8x8 phone service is designed to deal with these types of interruptions to make sure you don’t miss a call even if your internet is unavailable. This is part of your Call Forwarding settings called Default Rules and ensures that even if your phone is temporarily offline, your incoming calls continue to be answered. However, you can change this routing to have your calls routed to another extension, the auto attendant, your cell phone or even an external phone number, by customizing your Default Rules settings.

You can edit your Default Rules using Virtual Office Online, Virtual Office Desktop, or your mobile app:

Virtual Office Online:

  • Click Settings and then Call Forwarding
  • Click Default Rules and then Edit next to the rule you want to change

Voicemail during outage

Virtual Office Desktop:

  • Click Virtual Office then Settings
  • Click Call Forwarding and then Default Rules
  • Click Edit next to the rule you want to change


Virtual Office Mobile App:

  • Click More, Settings and then Call Forwarding

For more information on how to change these rules in Virtual Office Online, check out the Advanced Call Forwarding section of the Virtual Office Online Quick Start Guide.