Virtual Contact Center

Route Callers More Efficiently: Set Up Your IVR to Accept Customer Numbers, Case IDs and More

By Amy Davis, 8x8 Technical Support Engineer

Provide your customers with faster service by quickly routing calls to the correct queues. With your 8x8 Virtual Contact Center, you can let your customers identify themselves by entering an account number, case number or other numeric data. Your contact center administrator can create call flows based on this data to automatically route calls to the proper queue, often drastically reducing customer wait times.

The Virtual Contact Center IVR uses the GetValue object to prompt a caller for information such as account number or case ID. It uses this value to find a caller’s record in the Internal CRM database, then uses the information to determine how to route the call. You can enforce the GetValue object by requiring callers to input valid data or keep it optional. Callers can be prompted for data such as:

  • Account number
  • Case ID
  • Numeric customer or case custom field

In the IVR example below, the IVR is using the Check Picklist function to determine whether the caller has a Standard or Premium Support plan, then route them to the appropriate queue.

This script is using matched and not matched call processing. When all of the Matched and Not Matched objects have been built, the final Not Matched condition requires a set of instructions to send the caller to the Standard Queue or a different set of call processing instructions. In this example, the final Not Matched object has been set to send those callers to the Standard Queue. Note that if the final Not Matched condition does not include call processing instructions, the call will be disconnected.

Note: this function works with the Virtual Contact Center Internal CRM database.
Numeric Input for Call Center IVR