Prepare for the Unexpected

No one likes to think about what might happen if there were a flood, fire, tornado or earthquake. But it pays to be prepared both on a personal and a business level. If you can’t reach the office, how can you respond to customers and keep business moving? Your cloud-based 8x8 phone service is here to help you keep in touch no matter where you are. Here are a few ways to prepare your 8x8 service for an emergency:
Disaster recovery phone system

  • Verify that your extension’s call forwarding Default Rules are set up appropriately. Your Default Rules are preconfigured to route calls to your voicemail when your network is down, but you can edit the rules to route calls to any number including cell, home, another office location, etc.
  • Make sure your Virtual Office Online profile is set up, so you can login to your extension and access your Softphone, Advanced Call Forwarding and other unified communication features via any computer with access to the Internet.
  • Business owners: identify someone who you trust with directions on how to access your phone system if you are unable to. This includes giving them administrative privileges to your online Account Manager. It’s also a good idea for that person to be in a different geography in the event of an area emergency.
  • If you are a Virtual Office Pro customer, remember you can conduct your meetings using a Virtual Meeting web conference, even if you or your coworkers can’t get to the office.
  • Virtual Office Online customers with iPhones, iPads and Android smartphones, download the Virtual Office Mobile app (free in the Apple App store and Google Play) so you can use your 8x8 extension on your mobile phone. The apps work over Wi-Fi even when you are unable to get a cell phone connection.

Thank you for trusting 8x8 with your communication needs. Some helpful resources on making the changes above are:

Business Continuity Resources