Feature Highlight: Delete All Your Voicemails with One Click

Here’s a simple way to permanently delete all your voicemails in one smooth move:

  1. Log in to Virtual Office Online at http://virtualoffice.8x8.com.
  2. Select Phone. (The number of recent missed calls will be indicated in a red circle above the phone icon).
  3. Select Voicemail. (When there are new voicemails waiting, this will be selected automatically).
  4. Check the box to the upper left of the list to select all the voicemails in your list.
  5. Click Delete to get rid of all selected voicemails.

To download voicemails before deleting, just click the down arrow icon to the far right of the voicemails you want to keep.


Do you use our Voicemail-to-Email feature? Remember that deleting these emails does not remove them from your voicemail box — when it gets full, you can’t receive new voicemails until you make room for more.

If you don’t have a username and password for your Virtual Office extension, your phone system administrator can assign one to you.

Please note that Virtual Office Online is not available with Shared-line or Basic Extensions.

Deleting Messages by Phone

To delete voicemails by phone:

  • Dial your number from another phone and press # during the greeting; or dial 555 directly from your 8x8 phone/softphone
  • Enter your voicemail password
  • Follow the prompts to review and delete messages