Virtual Contact Center

Save Time: Set Up a Directory of Frequently Dialed Numbers

By Sean Taylor, 8x8 Technical Support Engineer

Do your agents regularly dial high-priority customers, your customer service team, product suppliers, direct employee extensions or emergency contact numbers? To save everyone time and eliminate misdials, why not set up a clickable dialing directory for your agents in the 8x8 Virtual Contact Center FAQ system?

Follow these three simple steps to save time:

Step 1: Add a New Category under FAQ

  1. Log in to the Agent Console under a supervisor profile.
  2. Click on the FAQ tab at the top of the page. In the FAQ window, click on Add a new Category and type in Directory as the category name.
  3. Check This Category is Private as shown.

Step 2: Add a New FAQ

  1. Once it has been saved, click on the new category name (Directory).
  2. On the right side on the window, click the Add New FAQ link.
  3. Under the question field, type Directory.
  4. In the Answer field, type in the name of the person, the department or company name for the number you’re adding, then the number, in the following format: {ctd}1,5555555555{/ctd}.

Step 3: Add More Numbers

  1. Use the method just described in Steps 1 and 2 to add additional numbers
  2. Save the entry.

Agents can use these clickable links to quickly dial out. When finished, the directory should look like this: