Using the Call Recording Feature

(Virtual Office Pro extension is required)

8x8 Call Recording service is included with all 8x8 Virtual Office Pro extensions. Here are a few tips on using Call Recording from your desk phone or the 8x8 Softphone.

Enabling Call Recording

To use your Call Recording service, you first need to enable it in Virtual Office Online or the Virtual Office Desktop application:

  1. Log in to Virtual Office Online or Desktop for your extension.
  2. Enter Settings. (In Virtual Office Desktop, click Virtual Office > Settings.)
  3. Select the My Services tab.
  4. Under Call Recording, use the arrows next to Recording Mode to choose Record on Demand or Record All Calls
  5. Use the checkboxes to indicate whether to play an announcement before the recording begins. (NOTE: This is required by law in some states.)


How to Record on Demand

If you have enabled Record on Demand, use these instructions to record calls.

From Your Desk Phone

  • When on a call, press *0 or click the More softkey and then select the CallRecrd softkey; Recording is On will appear on the phone screen
  • To stop recording, simply press *0 or the CallRecrd softkey again; Recording is Off will appear on the phone screen

The instructions above work for Polycom phones and 8x8 IP Phones such as the 6755i.

From your 8x8 Softphone

  • When on a call, click the Record button on the softphone.
  • To stop recording, click Stop Recording or end the call.

1 GB Storage Included Free

Virtual Office Pro extensions allow you to store up to 1.0 GB of recordings online.

Extra storage is charged at $9.99 per month for every GB over 1.0 GB. To avoid extra charges, it is important to monitor your storage usage and download and delete your recordings before they exceed the 1.0 GB limit.

To view your call recording usage, go to Settings in  Virtual Office Online or Virtual Office Desktop, and select the Media Usage tab.

Call and Meeting Recordings are expressed in terms of used data. In the example below, 709.4 KB have been used, and 1023.31 MB are still available within the 1.0 GB limit.


To view, listen to and manage individual recordings, click Manage Call Recordings For All Extensions, which will open a new window. Then click the extension whose recordings you wish to manage.



Call recording is included with 8x8 Virtual Office Pro extensions. If you are interested in adding Call Recording to your 8x8 service, call your Account Manager or 8x8 sales at 1.866.879.8647.