Park It Here with 8x8 Call Park

Using the 8x8 Call Park feature

Did you know you can put a call on hold and other employees can pick it up from any other extension on your 8x8 VoIP phone system? It’s the 8x8 Call Park feature and it’s included free with your 8x8 Virtual Office phone system.

Park Calls with 8x8The Call Park feature is extremely useful for reducing the hold time that callers experience. For example, you are currently on the phone with a caller who needs assistance. But everyone is busy on calls or helping other customers. You don’t want to send the caller to somebody’s voicemail. You don’t want to transfer them from extension to extension to extension. So you park the call in its very own automatically-numbered “parking space.” Then, while the caller listens to hold music, you can intercom, instant message or tell your coworkers that there’s a call waiting. The next available employee dials the number of the parked call and promptly assists the caller.

Call Park Use Cases

Here are just a few examples of how the Call Park feature can help you better serve your callers:

  • Automotive Repair Shop—A customer calls the front desk asking for an update on her repairs. The employees in the service area are helping customers or working on vehicles. If you transfer the call to one of the service area extensions, it will probably go to voicemail or possibly roll back to the front desk causing customer frustration or multiple transfer attempts. With Call Park, you simply park the call, notify your service personnel which extension the call is parked on, and whoever is available first picks up the parked call. Another happy customer!
  • Restaurant—A supplier calls in to a restaurant and reaches the hostess station. The caller urgently needs to speak to the manager about today’s fresh produce order, but the manager has stepped away for a few minutes. The hostess parks the call until the manger is located a few minutes later. The manager picks up the call by dialing the parked call’s extension from any 8x8 phone whether it’s in the kitchen, back office, hostess station or cashier’s station. The special order is confirmed. Add fresh asparagus to tonight’s menu!
  • Help from Afar—You have a caller on the phone who needs some special pricing help. But all the sales reps are busy except for your two remote sales reps (on your same 8x8 phone system) who work out of their homes. No worries. Park the call. Then call, intercom or instant message your remote reps to let them know the parked call’s extension. One of them picks up the call, helps the customer and makes a sale.

How to Park a Call

From your IP phone:

  1. Transfer the call to extension 460 or press the Call Park softkey on your IP phone.
  2. You will hear an announcement telling you which extension your call is parked on.
    Note: extension numbers 461 through 470 are reserved for parked calls.
  3. To pick up the call, just dials the extension the call is parked on from any phone on your 8x8 system.

From your 8x8 Virtual Office Mobile App

  1. Tap the Park button on your screen during an active call.
  2. You will hear an announcement telling you which extension your call is parked on.
  3. Dial the assigned parking extension number from any other phone on your 8x8 system.

From your 8x8 Softphone (Virtual Office Online and Virtual Office Desktop):

  1. Transfer the call directly to one of the Call Park extensions (461 through 470)
  2. You will see a pop up letting you know either that the call was successfully parked on that extension, or that that extension is unavailable.
  3. Dial the assigned parking extension number from any other phone on your 8x8 system.

A parked call remains parked for a maximum of five minutes. After five minutes the parked call automatically rings the extension of the person who parked the call. If the ring back is not answered, the call will be transferred to the person’s voicemail. Up to ten calls can be parked at a time.

Enterprise-class services like Call Park can help take your business to the next level by improving communication and reducing customer frustration that can result from being transferred multiple times or sent to voicemail. The Call Park feature is included free with 8x8 Virtual Office customer along with the other free services 8x8 provides such as Ring Groups, Conference Bridge and Virtual Office Online.