Assigning User Profiles

If you are the Phone System Administrator for your company, you can give your users the power to use and manage their own extension online with Virtual Office Online. To do this, you must be sure each user has a user profile with a username and password. Here’s how:

First login to the 8x8 Account Manager at with your administrator username and password.

To see if a user profile is already assigned to an extension, click Extension Overview from the left menu. Then click Edit next to the extension you want to view.

View Profile

Next, look at the Virtual Office Online User Profile for that extension.

If User Profile is Unassigned

If the User Profile dropdown menu is preset to Add New User ID, that means this extension does not have a user profile assigned to it. Your options are:

  • Option 1: Create a new User Profile for this extension user: Fill out the highlighted fields, then click Save. Be sure to inform this user of their username (User ID) and password.

New Profile

  •  Option 2: Select an EXISTING User Profile from the dropdown menu and click Save. This allows that existing user to login to this extension with their existing username and password. You might use this option if an existing employee is changing extensions.
    Select Existing Profile

If a User Profile is Already Assigned

If the dropdown menu displays an existing user name, a user is already assigned to this extension. Your options are:

  • Do nothing if the extension is already assigned to the correct user. Be sure to tell the user their username (User ID) if they don’t know it.


  • Reassign the extension to a new or existing user. To assign it to an existing user, select their profile from the dropdown and click Save. To assign it to a new user, select Add New User ID from the dropdown menu, fill in the profile details and click Save.

Still not sure? Just call 8x8 Support. We will be glad to help!