Virtual Office Analytics - Identify and Process Unreturned Calls in IPBX

Gaining insight into how your office is performing can help you spot trends and patterns so that you can make improvements, which can help you grow your organization. A virtual office with analytics can help you make better business decisions by giving you rapid insights into the real-time and historical information associated with every extension and device in your company.

But beyond that, it can give you in-depth information about your customer service agents and processes, as well as customer behavior. For instance, virtual office (VO) analytics can provide information about how many calls were disconnected and unreturned. Technology like this can give you the tools you need to identify and process unreturned calls in IPBX so that you don't lose out on potential sales.

Let's take a closer look at what a virtual office and virtual office analytics are, and then we'll determine how each can help with identifying and processing unreturned calls in IPBX.

What Is a Virtual Office?

A virtual office is a term that describes a workplace with no physical location. A virtual office means employees can work from anywhere, but still access a company's virtual web-based Intranet with their own personal login data. Employees working in a virtual office must connect and collaborate over the Internet and perform all of their typical work duties on the company's portal. Ten years ago, a virtual office wasn't nearly as widespread as it is today and companies are seeing the tremendous benefits of implementing one - especially due to a feature called virtual office analytics.

What Is VO Analytics?

VO analytics is a suite of Internet-based tools that provide enterprise-level analytics that deliver in-depth details and intelligence that helps improve customer experience management, sales campaigns, employee performance, and offer better insight into staffing requirements. You'll also have the ability to monitor and oversee call quality and distributed workgroups, as well as their devices. VO analytics helps improve decision making by delivering fast responses regarding call quality, individual end-point device status, real-time call queue status, and internal and external call activity.

How VO Analytics Works? 

Using an IPBX server, calls are routed and flagged based on a change in the status of the routed calls - like unreturned calls. This information is sent to a call data processing circuit connected to the IPBX server and using a second processing circuit, the call summary metrics are evaluated to detect missed calls and unreturned calls.

How VO Analytics Can Help Identify and Process Unreturned Calls in IPBX? 

VO Analytics can help identify and process unreturned calls in the Internet Protocol Branch Exchange (IPBX) by providing a unique dashboard or report that details information for each extension, such as an extension summary, a list of active and unreturned calls, and a detailed call record. Analytics like this can also give you insight into agent performance and queue status and performance with a single dashboard view, accessible from any device at any time. VO analytics can also give you real-time information about extension summary graphing, the status of all endpoint devices, and individual call and MOS score details.

With call detail records, your agents can get historical information about any calls processed in the chosen timeframe, which includes real-time missed and abandoned call details which allow your team to follow up with a callback. These record histories can keep you from missing prospective leads or opportunities to provide better customer service. You can also see the customer's whole customer journey - a series of interactions with your company leading up to a purchase. A special feature of certain VO analytics solutions includes the ability to match inbound calls to outbound calls to find unreturned calls within the chosen date range.

Using VO analytics to help identify and process unreturned calls in IPBX can help you get a better understanding of how and why your customers are being disconnected and why they're not calling back. If you can understand that, you can create a plan to reduce these occurrences and the likelihood that it will happen in the future.

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