Ensuring the Well-Being of Customers with 8x8

Founded in 2000 in Towson, Maryland, Pivot Health Solutions (formerly known as Pivot Physical Therapy) serves patients in 280 locations throughout the East Coast. Originally providing physical therapy and sports medicine, Pivot Health expanded its services to provide other treatments like occupational therapy, sports training, and more. The company also runs an extensive sports medicine network for over 50 scholastic athletic departments, providing sports training and other services to children enrolled in local schools.

The company has experienced significant growth since its founding, fueled in part by acquisitions of smaller businesses with common philosophies and goals. This strategy, if not managed appropriately, could have resulted in a highly fragmented, inefficient organization and a confusing assortment of customer-facing personas.

To prevent this occurring, the Pivot executive team launched multiple initiatives to ensure that newly acquired companies quickly became assimilated into the existing environment. Senior managers had recognized the critical role played by the company’s communications system in helping present a consistent look and feel to customers. Bryan Simms, manager of IT for Pivot Health Services, recalled, “As soon as I came on board, I was immediately tasked with completing the implementation of 8x8 Virtual Office to our first 120 locations.”

8x8 Virtual Office is a powerful cloud-based business communications system that enables Pivot personnel to deliver a unified customer experience from any of its hundreds of locations. Prior to 8x8, each clinic autonomously used whatever was offered by the local telephone provider. Simms described: “There was no easy communication path between locations and it was difficult to coordinate communications centrally or maintain directories. On top of this, trying to individually manage numerous billing contracts created massive overhead. The trajectory we were on was rapidly becoming untenable for my team.”

8x8 has enabled us to completely eradicate our siloed, fragmented legacy environment and replace it with a cohesive communications infrastructure that spans the whole company.
Bryan SimmsIT Manager, Pivot Health Solutions

Transitioning away from the patchwork of legacy of local telephone commitments required disciplined planning and preparation. “We worked closely with 8x8 to port all the existing numbers over to the new system. We were able to submit requests for port transfers and then track their progression through to the eventual cutover. The whole experience was very positive,” observed Simms.

We’re Here for You

The positive impact of 8x8 Virtual Office streamlined the selection process to identify options for a contact center solution to handle the rapid increase in incoming call volumes generated by opening new clinics. “Given the relationship between the two functions and having standardized on 8x8 for our phone system, it was an easy decision to deploy 8x8 Virtual Contact Center as well,” commented Simms.

He continued, “Our clinics still have local numbers and the combination of the two 8x8 solutions means that we never miss a customer call, even if staff at a location are tied up with other clients. Once a call arrives, we’re able to ensure that the customer is routed to the right people and that they have access to the resources needed to respond to their request.”

Everything in One Place

The addition of 8x8 Virtual Contact Center has facilitated the integration and automation of many back-end functions within the Pivot environment, including billing, scheduling and problem resolution. “We’re able to efficiently provide call center agents with access to all the information they need to resolve customer questions,” remarked Simms.

8x8 Virtual Contact Center comes with a rich set of reports that are used by the call center team to continually tune customer- facing processes and ensure that the agents can respond to questions in a timely and professional manner.

One of the objectives of the move to 8x8 was to eliminate the lack of visibility and control over Pivot’s distributed voice communications environment. Simms stated, “We use the 8x8 management console daily to manage everything from one central location; it’s such a huge step forward from how things used to be.”

Empowered Employees, Contented Customers

Simms has created a library of “templates” for many of Pivot’s key IT functional components, enabling new services to be expediently rolled out to any location. He noted, “8x8 is a natural fit with this practice as the cloud-based architecture makes it really easy to deploy a predefined set of communications capabilities. The 8x8 solution is awesome because you plug your phone into a network jack, and you’re good to go.”

Simms summarized, “8x8 has enabled us to completely transform an unmanageable, fragmented legacy environment into with a cohesive communications infrastructure that spans the whole company. My team is more efficient, and we’ve dramatically improved the customer experience by providing easy access to the right resources in a timely, consistent manner.”

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