phoenixNAP eliminates risks and costs by trusting 8x8.

phoenixNAP® is a global IT services provider who delivers advanced Infrastructure-as-a-Service from locations worldwide. Its colocation, hardware-as-a-service, cloud, dedicated server, backup, disaster recovery, and security solutions are designed to support IT innovation and enable rapid digital transformation in organizations of every size.

The Challenge: Eliminate the cost and risk of a legacy phone system

“My team inherited a real headache five years ago,” recalls Danny Fuentes, Vice President of Information Systems for phoenixNAP. Their complex on-premises phone system had no documentation and no staff trained on it. “My worry was, what if it goes down? Who’s going to fix it?”

The vendor would have required each administrator to be trained at an annual cost of about $40,000. The system also had other hidden costs for server maintenance, carrier contracts and yearly support.

phoenixNAP was planning to open a new contact center in Belgrade, Serbia – but Mr. Fuentes could not see replicating the enigmatic phone system and its costly infrastructure. The old phone system had to go.

The Solution: One unified platform

phoenixNAP needed a cloud-based solution for employees and contact center agents to deliver outstanding communications, collaboration and customer experiences, while protecting business resilience.

“We’re a technology company, but when it comes to phone systems we want someone else to manage the infrastructure,” Mr. Fuentes says. phoenixNAP chose 8x8 X Series to support its growing global operations. 8x8 enables employees and contact center agents to work anywhere and stay connected with colleagues and customers. At the time, phoenixNAP didn’t realize how important that would be.

The Benefits: Resilience, uninterrupted productivity and immediate ROI

“When Covid-19 forced us to transition to work-from-home, 8x8 was a life-saving solution,” says Mr. Fuentes. Employees just downloaded the 8x8 Work app to the devices of their choice, and they were ready to communicate and collaborate from anywhere. All 500 employees worldwide, including 60 contact center agents, enjoyed uninterrupted voice and video connections, which streamlined productivity and enhanced customer satisfaction.

The company’s busy contact centers are more successful than ever at creating consistently excellent customer experiences. Their top priorities are one-minute caller wait times and five-minute call handle times. And with 8x8 they’re delivering on those priorities – achieving the wait-time service level for 92% of calls, and the handle-time goal for 94% of calls – which keeps customer satisfaction at the highest levels.

phoenixNAP operates multiple brands. “One of the great features of 8x8 is that it identifies which of our brands a customer is calling, so the agent can delight callers by answering with the right company name,” Mr. Fuentes explains.

The return on investment is the biggest benefit from 8x8 X Series.

“Right off the bat, in the first year, we saved $85,000, mostly on unnecessary expenses we didn’t know about before” Mr. Fuentes says. By the second year they were saving almost $89,000 a year with 8x8.

IT costs are a source of significant savings. The 8x8 user interface is easy to understand and new IT staff can learn what they need to know, on demand, with 8x8 University.

“That’s why I always recommend 8x8,” Mr. Fuentes says. “Especially if you aren’t a technology company, if you don’t have someone to maintain and support a phone system, 8x8 is a great option. You don’t have to maintain 8x8, you just need an Internet connection and it works great for everyone.”

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