Logicalware chooses X Series platform from 8x8 for collaboration-driven global business expansion

Playing to a collaborative business model

Logicalware builds relationships between companies and their customers with a comprehensive communication platform that manages inbound email and social media interactions in one place through a smart, cloud-hosted solution. Serving UK and international firms, amazing all-round customer engagement comes with significant savings, cutting the effort needed to handle enquiries across channels.

Behind the scenes, however, the company’s collaboration tools weren’t quite so tidy. “We had separate legacy platforms for telephony, messaging, video conferencing and calendars,” says CEO, Jamie MacSween. “It was inefficient and time consuming.” 

An online search led to the X Series unified communications platform, which integrates full telephony capability with facilities like video calling, web conferencing, social media, presence, corporate directory, instant messaging and visual voicemail. The X Series could have been tailor-made for Logicalware, which has international software development teams. Jamie continues: “The X Series platform was designed with video front of mind, playing straight to our collaborative business model.”

Lightning-fast customer responsiveness 

Now Logicalware employees engage in audio and video conferences, group chats and instant messaging from their desks. A mobile app means everyone can take 8x8 services with them wherever they go on smartphones and tablets. Logicalware holds a worldwide business call every weekday morning at 09.30 to co-ordinate the company’s UK and global operations. Jamie says: “HD video conferencing using the X Series platform has transformed that daily session. Our customers are all seeking bespoke functionality. The benefit to them is our responsiveness, now usually measured in days rather than weeks or months.”

Staying ahead, not standing still

That ability to quickly develop and deliver custom solutions gives Logicalware terrific competitive edge. “If we stop saying yes, we stand still. If we stand still, someone goes past us. If someone goes past us, we stop growing,” says Jamie. “That’s really where those 8x8-enabled stand-up meetings come into their own.” 

Meanwhile, commercial benefits realised by Logicalware are related to the user friendliness of the X Series and the fact it puts everything in one place. “It really is exceptionally easy to use,” says Jamie. “Common sense and second nature. We estimate we’re releasing nearly 2,000 hours a year across the team for more productive work. And compared to our previous estate, the cost of ownership is 20% lower too.”

A web-based dashboard means changes can be made on the fly while 8x8 delivery partners add services like training, monitoring and 24/7 support. The system’s robustness means faults are vanishingly rare, which further improves people’s productivity.

Customers part of worldwide development team

Logicalware already supports a customer base extending to Europe, Asia Pacific and the US. In fact, fast growth in North America has seen the company planning to establish an on-the-ground presence there in 2019. 

“The X Series platform not only enables our global offices to act as a single entity, but also allows remote demonstrations and onboarding of new customers who then become part of the worldwide Logicalware development team,” says Jamie.

That focus on co-creation brings customers ever-closer, drives business growth and keeps Logicalware ahead of its competitors, which fits perfectly with the way 8x8 sees the world.

Jamie sums up: “We need stuff we can manage without people all over the world worrying about infrastructure. With the X Series that’s exactly what we get.”

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