Why FIPS is Vital to Your Security

Choosing the right equipment and software to enhance the communication for your collections business can be a difficult task when you're faced with a variety of options. No matter what the size of your operation may be, finding a provider that offers cutting-edge technology, as well as impenetrable security should be at the top of your list, especially since your primary need is to efficiently and discreetly speak with your clients about sensitive information.

Your decision is one that should be based on industry standards and optimum privacy, and the best way to achieve that is through communication brands that comply with the FIPS benchmark. To give you a better idea of what FIPS is and how it relates to your business, here are a few things to consider that can help you find the best solution:

What is FIPS?

The Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) is a specific benchmark that validates the integrity and security of communications software and hardware. Primarily utilized in the U.S. and Canada, FIPS regulations have become an important best practice for both governmental and civilian entities to abide by, creating a network of safe communication fields that can be extended to consumers.

There are four levels of security used to measure the effectiveness of FIPS, and each one plays an important role in creating a satisfactory user experience. Here are the guidelines for FIPS authentication:

  • Level 1:  All equipment must be tested and approved for both production-grade materials and successful algorithms.
  • Level 2: Certain standards must be in place to document instances of physical tampering while providing authentication processes for authorized users. This requires software programs to run on approved operating systems that follow Common Criteria regulations.
  • Level 3: Resistance measures must be in place to prevent physical tampering while allowing specific identity-based authentication for individual users. In addition, separate platforms must be used to accommodate daily users and back-end security measures.
  • Level 4: Enforces strict rules to ensure products are tamper-proof, which includes having a fail-safe mode that deletes all content in the event of an attack.

Overall, these guidelines represent the degree of FIPS security that a communications product can have. To ensure the best possible experience for both your business and clients, choosing a product that meets Level 3 standards offers the most reliability without jeopardizing security protocols. However, looking at how FIPS relates to other types of providers may help narrow down your selection.

FIPS and Communications Providers

FIPS certainly has a place in the communications market since many providers will already have a form of security embedded within their products. For example, a business phone systems provider may give you a variety of options that involve different sets of hardware and software to get started.

When looking at a traditional landline system, your company will work alongside analog technology that runs through copper wiring set up by a telephone company. On your premises, you'll need private branch exchange (PBX) hardware to run extensions and make way for advanced functionality, which becomes a hassle and leaves plenty of room for possible breaches and issues with outdated hardware.

On the other hand, with unified or cloud-based communications providers, you'll receive an in-depth user experience that offers secure connections without the need for any strenuous installation. All PBX technology is maintained by the provider off-site from your location, meaning you only need to worry about managing your lines and other applications from your computer. You can enjoy business phone services, virtual meetings, video conferencing, mobile apps, visual voicemail, and most of all, the peace of mind that your activity is safely monitored and secure from any threats.

With any provider, FIPS serves as the leading benchmark of quality and protection, so make sure to work with a brand that honors the regulations and has your safety in mind.

FIPS is a Top Priority at 8x8

There's a lot that goes into streamlining the communication systems for your business, which is why you should select a provider that does the work for you. FIPS regulations are the responsibility of the provider who offers the hardware and software to your team. It's their job to ensure that both a business and its customers are protected at all times, so why not choose a service that makes cutting-edge performance a top priority?

When it comes to security, 8x8 provides reliable and compliant cloud solutions at a demanding level rarely seen by other cloud providers. Don't take your chances with a subpar cloud-based telecom system. Call 1-866-879-8647 or fill out our online form to request a no-obligation quote from an 8x8 Product Specialist.

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