NetSuite CRM Software Integration With Unified Communications

Businesses have long needed tools to help manage current and prospective customers. NetSuite CRM software is one of the most effective modern solutions for managing customers, processes and workflows, right in the cloud. With virtual office integration in the Unified Communications solutions offered by 8x8, businesses can tap into the full potential of cloud-based services. The combined solution is the latest step in enterprise customer management.

Originally, the concerns facing organizations were how to best organize customer data. The first solutions were essentially databases. These fairly simple contact managers allowed employees to quickly access phone numbers for sales and customer service purposes. Over the past few decades, these solutions have evolved in step with business needs, customer expectations and advances in technology. NetSuite CRM combines all of the benefits of contact management with a bird's eye view of the entire customer lifecycle.

What Is NetSuite CRM Software?

There are several customer relationship management (CRM) solutions available to business customers. On a basic level, CRM is a tool for tracking customer data. Today, with increased ability to access and analyze customer data through a variety of sources, CRM can completely transform how a business interacts with its customers. NetSuite CRM is a powerful tool for not only managing customer data but for enabling a full, 360-degree view of the customer. With NetSuite CRM, enterprises can track sales, marketing, customer service and technical support.

While sales had long been the driver of CRM automation products, increased emphasis on customer experiences as the key to success has changed this perspective. Now, the customer lifecycle is the primary indicator of success. NetSuite CRM focuses on this lifecycle. In addition to traditional SalesForce Automation, where opportunity management, sales forecasting and order management are facilitated, businesses are looking to CRM as a way to embrace mobile and social interactions with customers. Rather than a linear view of customer relations, such as prospecting then closing a sale, today's CRM allows businesses to find additional opportunities to increase their brand and augment customer experience.

Connecting NetSuite CRM with the Call Center

On its own, CRM is a useful tool for managing customer data, but like any technological tool, it must be used efficiently and blend with business operations. If an employee has to open up CRM, then pick up the phone to dial out to a prospect, the sales process can become burdened with steps. Similarly, customer support can seem disconnected if CRM, calling and other forms of communication do not work together seamlessly. This is where fully integrating CRM with the call center is highly beneficial.

8x8's Virtual Office: The Ingredient for Enhanced CRM Functionality

The most impactful method of creating sustainable optimal customer experiences is by integrating CRM with communications. Traditional, plain old telephone systems cannot interface with CRM as effectively as VoIP-based Unified Communications solutions. 8x8's Virtual Office solutions leverage the 360-degree customer view. With 8x8, the seamless flow of information across the customer lifecycle occurs naturally, right through the NetSuite interface. Rather than searching for information during customer contact, users can launch the 8x8 Virtual Office through NetSuite. This convenience helps businesses optimize engagement with customers, keeping operations, sales, marketing and service coordinated in delivering optimal customer experience.

With 8x8's Call Center, enterprises experience enhanced workflows with simplified tools such as click to call, instant caller context, inbound caller identification and log notes. Through integration, employees' work becomes more efficient, saving money and making for happier and more productive workers. In addition to NetSuite CRM integration, 8x8's Call Center also provides robust telephony options that offer benefits beyond the customer lifecycle. These advantages include allowing one number to ring on multiple devices, and the use of ring groups, auto attendant and more.

Lastly, NetSuite CRM integration with 8x8's Call Center opens up a world of customer contact analytics. Reach business goals more easily through real-time insights into customer and employee activities. NetSuite CRM allows for real-time business intelligence, which is essential for retaining a competitive edge. With 8x8's Call Center and NetSuite, your business can maximize interaction with customers today and be ready for the next evolution of business interaction with customer lifecycle. 

Your cloud provider and available features set directly affects your relationships with your clients, which directly affect your business' bottom line. Choose a superior cloud system and ensure that this effect is for the better. Fill out our online form today or call us at 1-866-879-8647 to request a no-obligation quote from an 8x8 Product Specialist.

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