Benefits of a Customer Journey Contact Center and How It Enhances Customer Experience

American companies are losing about $62 billion per year thanks to poor customer service. If you find that you're losing customers and can't figure out why maybe it's time to think about things from the customer's point of view by using a customer journey contact center solution. Providing customers with an unforgettably positive experience with your company with every interaction is crucial to retaining old and gaining new customers. A customer journey contact center can help improve the customer experience and the quality of your company's customer service.

What is Contact Center Software?

Contact center software is a customer interaction center that allows you to manage every customer interaction. Usually, a contact center provides omnichannel support through email, phone, social media, live chat, and other channels. Call center software can help streamline customer support by making it easy for your agents to provide more satisfying customer experiences with each contact. The right software can help your customers reach the right department or person in the shortest amount of time.

Features of Contact Centers and Contact Center Software

With a virtual contact center solution, you get everything you need in one place. No need to manage multiple communications vendors. Virtual contact center software offers a more efficient alternative to traditional patchwork solutions. Typical features of contact centers and contact center software include:

  • Contact Center Analytics: Contact center analytics give you insights into contact center operations and agent performance.
  • Workforce Management: Helps you increase contact center efficiency with forecasting, reporting, and powerful scheduling.
  • Quality Management: Helps speed up agent onboarding and fix agent performance issues with targeted training and coaching.
  • CRM Integration: Integrates with your current CRM to put customer information right where agents can easily access it.
  • Agent Supervisor Tools: Helps supervisors manage every important metric in the contact center.
  • Agent Consoles: Allows agents to manage their customer interactions quickly and easily.

What is the Customer Journey?

The customer journey is the series of interactions your customers have with your company prior to making a purchase. From following a link to your website to browsing your product or service offerings to clicking the 'buy now' button to coming back to make a second purchase, there are several steps a customer takes throughout their journey and every customer has a unique journey. Sometimes you gain a repeat customer and sometimes you lose customers to your competition. But by improving your customer experience, you can reduce the chances of that happening and increase your customer retention rate.

What is a Customer Journey Contact Center?

A customer journey contact center is what helps you create an amazing customer journey. The journey a customer goes through in a contact center depends on the customer and several factors like demographics and spending habits. For example, an impulse buyer would probably purchase something more quickly in the customer journey than someone who likes to take their time, comparison shop, and read product reviews. The customer journey contact center can help you keep track of customer interactions and track patterns and behaviors to help you predict where they are in the customer journey. That way, you know how much more of a pitch they need to make a purchase (hard sell, soft sell, or somewhere in between). Additionally, you'd have the peace of mind knowing your cloud communications vendor supports the highest security and compliance standards.

Benefits to the Customer

If you're truly dedicated to providing a top-notch customer experience, your customers stand to benefit just as much as you. With a customer journey contact center, customers get the opportunity to choose how they want to interact with you. The omnichannel capabilities make it possible for them to send you a DM on Instagram or go to your website and live chat with an agent or even send an SMS/text message. Your customers also have less information to repeat and a more seamless experience.

Benefits to Your Organization

Contact center software can help you build customer loyalty, manage global contacts, increase reliability, and keep costs under control. With the right contact center solution, you'll experience unified communications across all channels and increased agent productivity. With agent-related expenses making up 75 percent of the cost of running a contact center, you can reduce costs by maximizing the value your agents bring to the company.

Your customer experience can make or break your company. A few positive ones could send your profits soaring through the roof and too many negative ones could cripple your reputation and take you out of business. That's why it's important to think about the customer journey and anyways you can find to improve it. Consistently finding ways to provide better service will only help you in the long run by boosting sales and increasing customer retention. Don't be part of the customer service problem - be part of the solution.

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