What is VoIP Call Center and Why Is It So Popular?

Call centers have become an integral part of modern customer care services. This is predominantly because customers choose to call a service representative rather than browse through a website in an event where they need a prompt response or help. Therefore, companies invest quite a lot of capital into call centers to ensure that customer queries are resolved promptly.

Again, when we review the modern communication requirements from companies, it is clear that they are ready to break the shackles of telephone lines and are ready to embrace multimedia communication channels, in order to reach out to customers on platforms that they prefer.

A VoIP Call Center is Part of an Overall Communication Strategy

Today, companies want to have more than just one mode of communication at their disposal. With multimedia options like email, web chat and live chat, companies can now engage with users in a range of ways. This is where cloud communication takes the baton. It improves line-based communication by using the internet as the carrier for the information.

This is why Cloud-based communications are gaining massive popularity. Traditionally, call centers use line-based communication to make and receive calls. It is an aging technology and does not meet the requirements of the modern call centers.

VoIP Cloud telephony is the latest standard in high-performance cloud-based call center technologies. VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol enables the transmission of voice and multimedia data over the internet. Therefore, it is the prime pick for cloud communications. Since the internet is the carrying medium, there are no call carriers that come in between, lowering the overall costs.

On-premises vs Cloud-hosted Call Centers

This brings us to the two main categorizations in Call centers software – On-premise and cloud-hosted call centers.

On-premise call centers: On-premise call center software is used for local call centers. The system requires in-house hardware to connect calls and facilitate high-quality communication. Since the system cannot work without the central hardware, the possibility of portability and ease of use is fairly limited.

Cloud-hosted call centers: With cloud-hosted call center software, the high-level processing isn’t done locally, but remotely by the cloud software provider. Using a laptop or a computer with a stable internet connection, users can set up the call center anywhere they want.

VoIP call center software adds many useful and intuitive functionalities to the overall cloud experience. It is useful for both agents and supervisors, as the software provides them with a personalized dashboard where they can track the progress of the tasks assigned to them.

VoIP Call Centers Enhance Your Customer Care Services

VoIP call centers deliver the following advantages:

Inbound and Outbound Call Tracking: The inflow and outflow of calls from your company provide useful data for lead generation. Tracking this data and provides more engagement and business opportunities.

IVR Systems: IVR or interactive Voice response is a method through which you can automate calls. Customers will be talking with an automated system that will take in their queries and create tickets so that an agent can call them back later.

Call Recording: Call recording essentially helps you evaluate call quality and pinpoint issues to better train new agents.

Broadcast Call: If the company wants to send out an urgent announcement and has no time for calling them one by one, a broadcast call feature can be used where the agents can call multiple customers at the same time.

CRM Integration: Cloud-based VoIP call center software also provides the facility to integrate CRM systems to access customer data. This facility significantly enhances the capability of the call center software and allows the agents to get more details about the customers they are talking to.

Multi-channel Communication: With a VoIP call center, agents can boost customer satisfaction by using the communication channels your customers prefer. It is possible to connect with customers on popular platforms or through email and chat, directly through a single interface.

VoIP call center software has inevitably removed the dependencies on costly overheads such as hardware acquisition, maintenance, monitoring, and managing resources as well as meeting regulatory requirements and campaign goals. With the flexibility to run a call center directly from the browser along with a host of advanced features to improve the quality of customer experience, VoIP call center software is a robust yet affordable option for businesses of any size. Upgrading your existing call center solutions to an advanced one can ensure that your agents will remain productive while also delivering an enhanced experience to your customers.

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