How Virtual Call Centers Complement a Business

The accessibility of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology has made virtual call centers practical for businesses of all sizes. These centers are also essential for delivering front-line customer experience. For instance, your call center may be your only point of contact with your customer.

Perhaps your business is an online store, where customers access your website to make purchases without ever consulting a sales representative. Now, their deal may have gone off hiccup-free, but that's not where your role ends. You may need to provide an evolved and ongoing form of customer support. And what better way to do so than the virtual call center?

But what exactly do these call centers entail and how do they differ from the traditional ones? Learn the details of virtual call centers and how they can benefit your business:

What Is a Virtual Call Center and When Is it Used?

This call center is similar to a traditional one except that it's cloud-based. Here your agents do not need to be restricted to a geographical location. They work remotely and can be dispersed throughout the world. They may also work collectively in an office or from home if you prefer to save on infrastructural resources and expenses. You also won't need to invest in much hardware, as the center operates virtually via hosted software that can be easily accessed in your cloud. In fact, the only hardware your agents may need to operate successfully is a headset, computer, and reliable Internet connection.

Virtual call center software is normally utilized for customer service and sales-related inbound calls. It may also be used for outbound calls when your agents need to conduct market research surveys, advertise, or sell your products. In fact, one of the best ways to boost your sales is via your virtual center's predictive dialer.

Have you ever felt frustrated by the amount of air time your agents waste on disconnected or busy lines, unanswered calls, or automated responses? If so, 8x8 has the perfect contact center solution with its predictive dialing feature. This maximizes your agent's talk time, as manual dialing to unavailable numbers is replaced with previewed and predictive dialing.

Is This the Same as Call Center Software?

In essence, yes. However, call center software can be classified into two categories. You have the on-premise call center software where you would be responsible for maintaining and upgrading your call center. You'll also need to install a lot of hardware and provide your own equipment.

Then there are the virtual call centers which are actually examples of Software as a Service (SaaS) where your call center is hosted inside your cloud. You also won't need to install any software here once you find your third-party host.

What Makes Virtual Call Center Software Ideal?

High agent turnover has been a concern for many businesses, but the use of virtual call centers have improved this drastically. Virtual call centers also increase the talent pool and create more opportunities for those who are unable to work from the office. These may include homebound mothers or competent agents who may be living elsewhere. This type of software is also great if you want to expand and reach global customers, as it saves you from having to set up offices there.

Virtual centers are cheaper, as you won't necessarily need to set up physical offices or purchase expensive hardware. It's more secure, as all your data will be saved in your cloud and not stored on agent computers. Plus it's flexible, as you could source more available agents from any location if there are none available in your area. 8x8's contact center solution provides rich analytics, quality management, and is omni-channeled for the ultimate customer service experience. The 8x8 solution also provides skills-based routing for improved call resolution times.

A virtual call center is an evolved form of the traditional call center. It has a range of benefits that traditional or on-premise call centers do not have. You'll spend less on infrastructural expenses such as hardware and the setting up of office equipment. Also, you can expand your customer service globally, as your agents can work remotely via virtual call center software without having to actually work from those locations.

Call centers rely on their technology to empower them to be as productive as possible. With 8x8's Virtual Contact Center you get world-class technology and everything your call center needs in one place. Call 1-866-879-8647 or fill out an online form to request a no-obligation quote from an 8x8 product specialist.

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