How Veterans Affairs Call Centers Can Better Serve our Military

Our government made a promise to military families to take care of our veterans. By providing healthcare and medical care for veterans, it established Veterans Affairs (VA) centers throughout the country. And the first contact for most veterans is through the VA national call center.

What Is a Veterans Affairs Call Center?

VA call centers provide support for veterans for a variety of things. Routine scheduling of medical appointments and medical issues are the most common. By having a centralized system, with calls disbursed across the network and across the country, it decreases the number of direct calls to mental health, primary care, and specialty care clinics. If a veteran has an urgent or specialized healthcare need, calls can be directed quickly and easily to clinics.

These VA call centers handle a large volume of calls — a single office might get more than 15,000 calls a month. The government-backed Veterans Affairs call center aims to serve both veterans and their family members in an efficient, effective, and caring manner in order to provide quality service.

VA call centers also handle crisis management for vets who need immediate assistance. These hotlines are staffed 24/7 and are able to communicate by toll-free phone, text, chat, or TTY.

What Kind of Software Do VA National Call Centers Need?

No doubt you have seen news stories about long wait times and the difficulty some veterans face in getting medication in a timely manner or accessing medical records. Add that to scandals within the administration and false record-keeping, and you can see the importance of the right software to manage a VA national call center.

Veterans Affairs call centers need a robust software solution that allows for unlimited calling for domestic and overseas calls, team messaging, operator switchboards, and a strong backbone for routing and re-routing of calls.

Business phone services should accommodate unified communications to allow medical staff for both voice, video, chat, and document sharing to connect any staff member at any time. A cloud-based contact center also needs voice prompts to route calls and integration with other systems to allow instant access to records. An omnichannel solution must include the ability to communicate across platforms to handle phone, email, chat, or other connections with veterans.

Because sensitive healthcare information is included, the software system must be able to maintain confidentiality and limit access to records to only those with a defined purpose. VA national call center software must be fully compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) rules and any Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) with third-party providers to document compliance. It should also have strong security to monitor and proactively resist threats from outside.

In order to maintain and improve efficiency, any Veterans Affairs call center also has to be able to integrate with other systems. Currently, Veterans Affairs medical records are being converted into electronic form as part of a $10 billion system overhaul. VA call center software must be able to access the data quickly and efficiently while providing access across the network to facilities anywhere in the country.

An Efficient, Robust VA National Call Center Software Solution

In order to fulfill our country’s promise to its veterans, the Veterans Affairs call center deserves to have the best technology available. A VA national call center needs to be secure and compliant to protect privacy. It needs business phones services that can route and track calls, unified communications to connect staff across devices, and a cloud contact center to provide document access and handle omnichannel interactions.

Our veterans deserve nothing but the best when it comes to service.

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