Understanding A Typical Call Center Setup

These days, call centers typically rely on Internet-based phone service as well as advanced software and hardware technologies, along with a team of agents. But virtual call centers don't necessarily have everyone working in the same building or even the same time zone, yet the entire team is connected together just as if that were the case.

In the not-so-distant past, call centers required expensive infrastructure investments and a large number of agents working together in the same location. Now, call centers have a much greater degree of flexibility and advanced functionality available to them. As such, call centers now take on a variety of different designs, plans and systems to meet the needs of the organization and its customers. 

What's the Difference Between On-Premises vs. Cloud-Hosted Call Centers? 

The difference is between traditional call center technology and a more modern, fully software-run call center using advanced technologies. Cloud-based call centers are easier to scale, offer more flexibility to the organization's needs, provide more advanced features and functionality, and can be less expensive to implement and use.

Meantime, traditional on-premises call center systems employ a host of additional equipment, investment and staffing requirements, making them more expensive to build and operate. They're also less flexible and more complex, often requiring on-site technical support to maintain operational efficiencies. 

To that end, cloud-based call centers can use flexible staffing models, too, allowing for more distributed teams of home-based agents, as well as multiple office locations. As needs change, a cloud-hosted call center can be quickly adapted and molded to fit the needs of the organization. 

What is a VoIP Call Center?

A VoIP call center is almost always cloud-hosted, using a CCaaS system to run. Instead of relying on a host of landlines, wires and networks, VoIP is an Internet-based phone service that uses servers and online connections to process and transmit calls. 

VoIP normally uses Session Initiation Protocol, or SIP, trunking to connect to both other phone networks and other VoIP phones. Software designed to operate call centers, called CCaaS (Call Center as a Service) and provided by a VoIP vendor, enables call center management to track key metrics and monitor the call center system's performance. 

What are the Advantages of Cloud-hosted VoIP Call Centers?

Here are just a few operational advantages: 

  • Reduced costs: No matter whether you're using local or long distance minutes, phone service is cheaper on a per-minute basis for most uses. For larger enterprises with high call volumes, quick adjustments can be made in real time to make the phone service more efficient and effective during peak demand times. 
  • Scalability: Cloud-hosted call centers are easy to scale because the investment is driven by use and is calculated on a service-based model, just like with other SaaS platforms instead of requiring a fixed, upfront cost. Costs are directly tied to use, and just about any size of business can use it. 
  • Remote-friendliness: Create a call center independent of geographics and that keeps everyone and everything connected. Your team can work remotely or you can put together a team across different time zones. If someone needs to go on the road, you may even link in a smartphone to the call center network to maintain operations. 

The Ins and Outs of Call Center Setup

Today's call centers have so many more options than ever before, making it easier for businesses of all sizes and representing various industries to get started with the right call center solution. CCaaS makes it easier and offers more advanced phone features to get a virtual call center going. 

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