The Many Benefits Of Help Desk System Documentation

Once a sale is made for a product or service, for most companies, that transaction isn't complete. Customers can call the company, at no cost to the customer, and get assistance using the product. There isn't a limit placed on how many times the customer can call in. Using an estimate of labor cost, product support is built into the product price. For customers, they get their money's worth if they call in.

To support customers who call in and need assistance, help desk system documentation is used. A help desk is a system for filing support tickets. It keeps track of all customer incidents by-product. Managers can then search for a specific customer and see how many times they've called in. This allows managers to evaluate the post-purchase cost for each customer.

Keeping thorough records of each customer incident provides a database for product improvement. Using various categorization features built into the documentation software, employees can ensure specific types of incidents are easily found. Product teams use these same categories when searching for particular product related issues.

For example, if different customers are calling in saying that the temperature setting on a toaster oven doesn't reach its maximum temperature, the product team can count the number of incidents filed on this issue. Once filed incidents reach a certain threshold, the team knows the issue is serious enough to require an emergency product update. Before that point is reached, there is a lower threshold that lets the team know they need to do internal testing and try to replicate the issue. If the team can reproduce the issue consistently, a product update may be released.

As the support database grows, it becomes a knowledge base for support reps. When a customer calls in with a problem, the rep can search the knowledge base to see if the issue has already been addressed. Resolved incidents are marked and tagged to make searching more efficient. At some point, many companies open their knowledge base up to customers. It is made accessible through the company's website. Allowing customers to search the knowledge base cuts down on support incidents and thus post product cost.

Quality of training for support reps on company products varies widely from company to company. Customers obviously have a much better experience when a rep is trained well and can answer their questions. Well-trained reps also cut down on support calls. Smart companies use their support knowledge base as part of the training. Not everything a rep needs to know is covered in the product manual. Issues that occur after the manual was printed may not get distributed as efficiently as it could. By using incidents that customers have called in the most about and training reps on them, reps will be even more prepared to handle support incidents.

How Does Help Desk Software Work?

The software behind help desk system documentation integrates with other applications. For call centers, it's important that their help desk software integrate with their CCaaS or UCaaS services. Some CCaaS or UCaaS service providers include help desk software as part of their offering, for an extra fee of course.

As an example of how powerful this integration is, when a customer calls in with an issue, the support rep's time is logged. Once the call is completed, the support ticket is associated with the phone call. When a manager wants to see which incidents or customers are costing the most based on rep phone time, they can perform a search.

Searching on support incidents and ordering by time will display the longest phone times in the first set of results. This is only possible through the integration of the support system and communications software. The support system isn't logging phone time. It's the communications software that has this value. When a search is performed, a cross-reference is made from the support software to the communication software. A link was automatically created between each support incident and the phone call once the rep completed the call.

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