What do Help Desk Managers Need to Know?

Help desk managers know the help desk and technical support inside and out and provide the support and management that the help desk needs to operate properly. In this article, you can read more about the help desk management role.

What Are Help Desk Manager Skills?

Help desk manager skills prepare team members to work with the public, troubleshoot technology, manage other personnel, and work with users to find the right solutions to technical problems. As such, they need the right combination of skills and education to support their work and give them the knowledge they need to share with others.

Here are just a few help desk manager skills:

  • Listening: Help desk managers need to be able to listen to users and really hear what they have to say about the problems they have with technology or the challenges presented by hardware and software. Sometimes, help desk managers have to listen to frustrated or angry users, so it helps if they have strong listening skills.
  • Asking the right questions: In order to help others, help desk managers need to be able to ask the right questions to get more information. They need to be able to gather supporting information from users, which often means having a list of standard questions and gathering the answers to each one.
  • Troubleshooting: Help desk managers need to troubleshoot technology and provide troubleshooting assistance to other technicians to keep everyone on the right track.
  • Management: By effectively managing other people, help desk managers can keep the entire department running properly and provide assistance whenever others find a new challenge.
  • Patience: For dealing with difficult people, patience is enormously helpful. Help desk managers will occasionally interact with technology users who are frustrated, angry, and confused.
  • Software and hardware technical knowledge: Having the right technical knowledge is really key for help desk managers, who are responsible for providing information whenever it's needed and may be relied upon for help whenever others in the department run into a challenge they aren't prepared for.
  • Flexibility: Being flexible and able to deal with anything or adapt to a variety of challenges can help when working in a department that faces a wide variety of challenges daily.

Thanks to these and other skills, help desk managers can be prepared for the variety of different obstacles help desk managers face on the job.

What Do Help Desk Managers Need to Know?

Help desk managers need to know about a variety of topics. This can help them prepare for more unusual questions or for new challenges.

These content areas are helpful for help desk managers:

  • Software: Of course, it helps a great deal to know the software you provide support for. This includes any software that your organization routinely uses and/or asks support questions about.
  • Hardware:  Know how to install, troubleshoot, provide basic repairs, etc. for the hardware your organization depends on.
  • Coding: While writing code isn't really something help desk managers routinely do in a typical job, it's helpful to know how the code works and be able to write or at least use and modify short scripts of code.
  • Troubleshooting: The basics of troubleshooting problems and managing the incoming flow of tickets is also really helpful.

Of course, depending on the nature of the help desk management job, other areas are also important to know. It helps to have the right knowledge base to work from---the better you know the job, the more prepared you are for chaotic moments at work or new questions that require original thinking.

How Do I Become a Help Desk Manager?

To become a help desk manager, it may help to some combination of the following:

  • Work experience: You can work your way up from being a technician, or bring work experience with you from another technical support job. You need to know the department thoroughly and be able to demonstrate it.
  • Education: Having a technical education is helpful.
  • Knowledge: Be able to demonstrate a solid knowledge base about technology.

Getting Started with Help Desk Management

Help desk management requires the right combination of skills and the right background. With these things, you can really flourish in a help desk management position.

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