Effective Help Desk Management Tips for Your Business

Businesses exist because of their customers. Without customers, it doesn't matter how excellent your product or service is. Therefore, organizations must ensure that their customers are satisfied at all times. One of the strategies to achieve customer satisfaction is by establishing a robust help desk management system.

Help Desk

A help desk is a complex system designed to assist in minimizing downtime in IT services and functions and availing them for the maximum time. It is expressly directed at the end user functionality, and, in this way, it’s mandated with the quick resolution of urgent needs, occurrences and technical concerns of end users.

A help desk is expected to effectively perform most of the functions of an organization. Using software, such as help desk ticketing system, the help desk system offers a centralized point of contact for users to access support in troubleshooting, acquire answers to questions, and crack known problems.

Poor Help Desk Services

A poor and ineffective help desk system will result into one or all of the situations:

  • It will injure the organization’s reputation
  • It will discourage potential customers from making a purchase from the organization
  • It will decrease your customer lifetime value
  • It may lead to the resigning of some of your best employees due to frustrations.
  • It may impact on your profits

Help Desk Management Tips

The good news is that it’s possible to run an effective help desk management system. This is if the following help desk management tips are adhered to:


Hire agents with suitable technical skills and a customer-facing attitude. If you hire good employees, chances are you are likely to retain them for a long period –which is a nice thing as far as business continuity is concerned. Once you establish the help desk team, ensure that you nurture a collaborative culture within your help desk team. Also, always treat your help desk agents as your partners rather than servants.

According to HDI, when IT help desk agents are contented with their jobs, customer satisfaction rises as turnover and absenteeism decrease.


Use targeted technology and appropriate tools. Before you settle on a software package, make sure it has useful features for your organization.

A good help desk software package should have the following features:

  • Offer the prolific functionality of an on-premises service, but without the maintenance problems and concealed expenses.
  • Support agents irrespective of their location --In-house, remote, or home-based—using a phone, an Internet connection, and a web browser. This will enable you to quickly scale your operations up or down as your business needs change.
  • Integrated phone, email, and chat which will, in turn, offer alternative channels for employees to request support while allowing you the flexibility to manage inquiries in the most cost-effective way.
  • Allow for seamless integration with critical ERP, travel software or other internal applications. This will enable you to provide a personalized support approach since the agent has instant access to the contact record and case history of the employee.
  • Come with a user interface and system flexibility to allow you to maintain your help desk environment without requiring any dedicated IT staff.

Most enterprises use the 8x8 Virtual Contact Center to manage their IT help desks.


Create a well-defined service level agreement (SLA) to handle customer contacts, and supporting end users. Also, build a workflow that trails issues end-to-end.


Establish mentor relations to help mentor agents. Also, provide constant feedback to help agents succeed. In addition to overseeing help desk productivity, promptly escalate, represent, and negotiate help desk and end-user issues to upper management and other business units. With capabilities such as 8x8’s Agent Supervisor Tools, you can track agent performance against plan, with easy-to-use color coding to see who is conforming to plan, surpassing goals, or out of conformance.


For the agents to stay updated on technical issues and current on best practices on customer service, you will need to offer them continual training. You can use different training methodologies such as offering a knowledge base, implementing an online self-service portal, or just conducting instructor-led sessions. Constant training opportunities will prevent agents’ burnouts. Some software has special features, such as Agent Console for 8x8 Virtual Contact Center, that agents can utilize to see and chat with other agents and supervisors to get help and to coach one another.


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