Enhance Customer Experience With Help Desk Support Application

Customer experience will surpass price and product selection as a major factor driving consumers' purchasing decisions. In order to deliver an outstanding customer experience, you need to provide the best-in-class pre- and post-sales support.

By using a help desk support application, you can streamline your customer care workflows and lower cost while delivering an outstanding experience that can increase sales and improve loyalty.

What's a Help Desk Support Application?

A help desk support software application allows businesses to organize all customer support activities on a centralized platform and provide a single point of contact for customers to get assistance in troubleshooting, answers to pre- and post-sales questions, general guidance on product usage, and help with resolving issues.

By using a help desk support platform, businesses can effectively manage customer inquiries across a variety of channels, such as phone, email, web form, instant messaging, live chat, and social media. Customer profiles are updated in real-time to ensure a seamless omnichannel experience even if users switch communication channels in the middle of a thread.

Some common help desk software features include:

  • 360-degree customer profile, which can often be integrated with your customer data management system.
  • Self-service features, such as an FAQ section or searchable knowledge base.
  • Widgets, such as live chat, that can be installed on your website at no extra cost.
  • Customer survey and polls.
  • Multi-language and multi-time zone support.
  • A single dashboard that shows all the tickets for easy sorting, tracking, and prioritizing.
  • A sort or filter function that allows you to categorize inquiries so you can route them to the appropriate departments.
  • Reporting and analytics to monitor performance.
  • Mobile device compatibility.

In addition, most help desk support applications offer integration with other software so you can deliver a seamless customer experience cost-efficiently.

Manage Help Desk Requests With a Ticketing Software

In order to effectively manage support requests, you need a ticketing software to track and sort customer support requests. It allows you to classify the tickets into various categories, such as the type of inquiries, whether the user is an existing customer, the product or service in question, or the location of the user so your team can respond to them more efficiently.

A help desk ticketing software allows you to:

  • Distribute and assign an issue to a team member.
  • Monitor how the issue is handled, time spent on each request, and the quality of the customer interactions.
  • Ensure the adherence to internal processes or industry regulations by setting up workflows.
  • Analyze the number and type of inquiries to improve sales and marketing materials or product information.
  • Collect questions and answers for use in a knowledge base or FAQ section.
  • Sort requests and assign priorities to ensure that tickets are resolved in a timely manner.
  • Maintain the history of customer interactions for future references.

Enhance Help Desk Function With Cloud Communication Applications

To provide the best customer service, you should integrate your help desk software with a robust communication tool driven by the latest technologies. Using cloud communication platforms, such as VoIP, UCaaS, and CCaaS, you can manage all your communications and call center functions in one centralized location to deliver seamless customer experience.

Here are some key features of a unified communication system that can enhance customer support:

  • Unlimited national and international calling to support a global customer base.
  • Service quality analytics, customer engagement analytics, as well as speech and interaction analytics to aid monitoring and supervision.
  • Functions that streamline call handling to reduce wait time and increase efficiency.
  • Integration with your current CRM software so agents can access a complete view of a customer's history and preferences.
  • Integration of voice call, live chat, email, messaging, and social media to deliver omnichannel customer care.
  • A centralized location in which all the customer interactions are recorded and accessible in real-time so agents can have complete context and pick up where things left off even if a customer switch channels mid-way through an interaction.
  • Collaboration features that allow agents to work with experts within the organization in real-time to help customers get the answers and support they need.
  • A complete and unified view of the customer journey supported by a single data set to facilitate issue resolution.


By supporting your customer care team with the right communication technologies, you can increase the ROI of the investment you're making in any help desk application by enhancing customer experience, facilitating pre- and post-sales support, increasing conversion rates, and improving customer retention.

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