Do You Need Help Desk Staff? Here's How to Maximize Your ROI

Do you need help desk staff? When you manage a busy office, it can be hard to adequately staff your business and make a good return. But, to meet customer demand, you might want to consider ways to ensure your phones are properly staffed.

Providing help desk support can help with the customer journey. And, it can lead to better customer experiences (CX) and maximize your ROI.

Here are a few benefits for businesses that hire help desk support staff.

Boost Productivity with Help Desk Staff

It's estimated that 96 percent of businesses fail in the first 10 years. Most businesses don't have the capital to stay afloat. And, if they can't pay operational costs, they are eventually forced to close. But how do you juggle giving great customer service when you can't adequately staff your company? For some businesses, it's employee benefits that cut into profits. But, there is a way around that. You can outsource your help.

Every business wants to help customers and clients from initial inquiries to the close of sales. That's the customer journey. But, small and medium-sized businesses are finding it hard to hire staff and run operations efficiently. To adequately staff their organization requires more capital. But, that's where you can benefit from help desk staff.

When you leverage customer service support, you spend less money and you'll have better workflows:

  • Help desk support can be reached 24-hours a day.
  • Customers and clients receive courteous and prompt service.
  • All tickets are responded to in a timely manner.
  • Any initial chats can be immediately redirected to a live agent.

Ensure Seamless Experiences for Customers

Customers and clients want more personal attention. And, this comes in the digital age where there are more bots and AI to offer support.

By offering help desk support 24/7/365, you're reaching customers and clients on all mobile devices. This can help if a customer or client has a question, wants to place an order, or start a return. Seamless experiences increase customer loyalty and brand equity.

Increased Productivity for Your Employees

For some businesses, there's either no time to work on sales and marketing. And some leaders may not be using their top talent for value-based projects. They're paying staff for redundant tasks that can be automated or given to outsourced help. And, if you don't market your business, how can you expand and bring in more sales?

When you hire help desk support, your existing staff has more free time for work projects. Your help desk support is streamlined to focus on tickets and offering the best customer service. That lets your current staff focus on sales and marketing to bring more customers in. It also means you can reduce any gaps in the customer journey.

With help desk staff you can have:

  • Online and remote meetings
  • More detailed analytics
  • No one calling out sick during peak seasons

How 8x8's Virtual Help Desk Staffing Levels Work

By having help desk staffing levels, you can increase productivity and workflows. And, you can improve customer interactions by focusing on the quality of every client or customer call. 8x8 offers cloud-based call center solutions that can reduce your operating costs.

These virtual contact center employees can be used for:

  • Sales support
  • IT help desks
  • Travel planning
  • Human resources

Benefits of Help Desk Staff and Help Desk Software

With 8x8's virtual help desk support, you have the functionality of on-premise assistance, without the added costs. And, help desk agents are quickly brought up-to-speed on your services and products. 8x8 offers support agents that are flexible, reliable, and will work to meet your needs. That way you can grow and scale faster than you would with all in-house staff.

8x8's software integrates with most internal applications. Agents using 8x8's API suite provide personalized customer support. With integrated email, phone, and chat services, you will have a cost-efficient way to reach more clients and scale your services.


Having efficient operations can help you grow and scale. By using help desk staff, you can improve workflows, increase productivity and meet customer demand. Let 8x8's virtual help desk staff help you meet your bottom line and facilitate the workflows in your organization.

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