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Are you looking for help desk service desk solutions? If you have a retail business that includes customer support or a help desk, you might want to explore 8x8 help desk service desk solutions. With 8x8, you can benefit from cost-efficient customer service. And, you can scale as you grow. 8x8 offers helpful customer support 24/7/365 if you want to outsource help desk assistance. You'll reduce overhead costs while ensuring customers and clients have optimal customer experiences.

Here are a few points about VoIP help desk solutions that outline why it's the best choice for retail businesses.

Differences Between a Help Desk and a Service Desk

For some businesses, they might not know which type of desk is best to support their customers. Depending on the products and services you provide, your needs may be different.

Help Desks

Help desks can provide assistance to customers or clients if they have problems with an order, part, or service.

For example, if a customer buys software or a computer from you, they might need help troubleshooting errors with the software. Or, they might have a malfunction with computer equipment and need support. In these instances, you can provide a help desk that assigns tickets for each customer request.

Help desks will work in a reactive manner. Meaning, they wait for customers to contact them with a problem and then they provide assistance.

Service Desks

A service desk, on the other hand, can help with preventative maintenance. An example is a service desk that provides upgrades for a piece of equipment that you buy. Or, a service desk can help if you want to buy accessories or new parts for a piece of equipment. This type of customer service assistance requires a different set of objectives and software tools.

Your service desk solutions may be more proactive. Meaning, they can sell features that customers might not need right away. This might include an extended warranty that can be useful 6-months to a year from the purchase date.

Help Desk Service Best Practices

Does your business have a help desk service desk best practice handbook? If you don't, you might want to outline the best practices for your particular business. Your help desk service desk best practice handbook will be a guide. Your staff can reference it with every call or point of contact with customers or clients.

Whether you have a service desk or a help desk, there are a few sample best practices you might want to include in your handbook:

Help Desk Best Practices

  • Use customer service satisfaction surveys with every customer.
  • Use software-based tools and features to educate customers.
  • Generate a service request ticket with every customer request.
  • Use available help desk software for tracking KPIs, analytics, and metrics.

Service Desk Best Practices

  • Explore our customers’ behaviors and their expectations.
  • Establish where our support knowledge comes from.
  • Experience our service desk support first-hand for a birds-eye-view.
  • Increase customer knowledge about our products and services.

How 8x8 Can Help?

Having clear communications is crucial for your business. Whether you're managing your help or service desk on your own or outsourcing, 8x8 is here for you. 8x8 can help you improve your competencies with customers to ensure that every experience is the best experience.

8x8 achieves this with:

  • Low Costs and Better Service: Retail has changed and customers now want the Amazon Experience. Meaning, they want products and services fast and they want personalized customer service. Let 8x8 help you with every customer touchpoint. With cost-efficient services, you can increase ROI and improve customer experiences (CX).
  • Targeted Experiences for Every Customer: 8x8's VoIP communication solutions help with every customer. Whether they call, email, text or chat, your VoIP features can integrate with CRM and other applications.
  • Personalized and Engaging Assistance: With 8x8's virtual call center you will have data-driven insights. And, customers and clients can benefit from knowledgeable assistance 24/7/365.

8x8 is committed to your long-term success. Whether you have a help desk or a service desk, let 8x8 help you maximize customer experiences and improve your ROI. It's added peace of mind so you can grow and scale successfully.


8x8 offers several ways to help you with help desk or service desk assistance. Let 8x8 help you find effective communication strategies that fit your budget. You will have the support you need and you can give customers the best experience - every time.

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