How Help Desk Officers Can Efficiently Manage Customer Issues

Whether you operate in the B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Consumer) world, providing quality customer service is critical.  More than a third of customers say they will consider switching companies after just one bad experience.  This applies to your internal customers (your employees) as well.  A happier, well-functioning workforce tends to increase overall customer satisfaction.

An internal and external Help Desk is one component of creating an efficient workplace.

What Is A Help Desk Officer?

The first place most customers go when they have a problem is to the Help Desk.  The Help Desk Officer is the person who determines what needs to happen next to solve the problem.  This applies whether it is an internal user or a customer looking for support.

What Is The Role Of A Help Desk Officer?

A Help Desk Officer will receive the inquiry and log it into the system so there is a traceable record.  They will work with the user to get a firm understanding of the problem and offer immediate assistance if possible.  If they are unable to solve things quickly, they will route trouble tickets to specialists or put them into the queue to research solutions.

In addition, they will look for trends or patterns that may indicate systematic problems or user problems that additional training may solve.

Can I Automate The Role Of A Help Desk Officer?

While you will need someone to be the point person for solving user issues, you can automate much of the system and allow your Help Desk Officer to focus on solutions rather than administrative tasks.  An online or cloud-based Help Desk can create systems to process help desk tickets.  You can standardize reporting to make sure Help Desk Officers have the information they need to act.  You can set up system-based rules to prioritize requests based on urgency and impact.

How Help Desk Officers Support Customers

Whether it is supporting your internal users or your customers, the Help Desk is there to solve problems.

The Different Levels Of Help Desk Support

Your company can set up the levels of help desk support any way it wants.  Most businesses use a tiered system.  Here is a typical set-up:

  • Tier 1 Support:  This represents the basic level of customer support.  The agent is a generalist with broad knowledge.  They can quickly identify customer needs and provide tips on how to solve the concern.  Much of the information they need will be in an FAQ or Knowledge Base.  Tier 1 support can handle most problems and escalate issues when needed.
  • Tier 2 Support:  Tier 2 support representatives have deeper technical knowledge or specific skills to handle issues.  They may have more experience in key areas or access to more detailed information. 
  • Tier 3 Support:  When issues are identified that cannot be fixed or need further development (such as a software bug), Tier 3 support specialists are called in to deal with such issues.  They tend to deal with complex or systematic problems.
  • Tier 4 Support:  Issues that arise from applications that connect to other outside vendors need specialists that not only understand the integration but can interface with the vendors as well.

Efficient Customer Support

The right help desk solution is critical to providing efficient customer support for your company.  Solving the frustrations of unhappy customers quickly and efficiently can turn those unhappy customers into loyal ones.  Loyal customers lead to repeat business and they tend to spend more than your average customer.

Combining your Help Desk software with workforce optimization, advanced business phone and collaboration services, and unified communications can provide your business with a significant advantage. 

  • Workplace optimization allows monitoring of all interactions in real time, tools to aid in training and coaching, and management of staffing levels to create optimum staffing.
  • Business phone and collaboration services, using a cloud-based VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system can create a virtual office connecting all of your employees to your system whether they work in-house, at remote locations, or even at home.
  • Unified communication systems allow for cloud contact center solutions and collaboration in an omnichannel world. Connect everyone however they want to communicate.

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