Keep Your Team Working Efficiency with Help Desk iPhone App

When it comes to providing efficient help for your team when they run into technical problems, time is of the essence. The longer it takes to solve their problem, the more frustrated the team member gets. Not only does it shut down their availability, but it also leads to mounting frustration.

In a tight labor market, keeping your team happy needs to be one of your top concerns as a business owner. Turnover, recruiting, and training can cost you time and money. Frustrated employees, especially customer service reps, are leaving their jobs in record numbers. That’s a shame because the frustrations can be eased with an efficient Help Desk iPhone app.

A Robust Help Desk Ticketing System

You need an efficient help desk solution that includes a robust ticketing system. This keeps problems organized and can automatically prioritize requests following rules you set. By prioritizing urgent and important requests, your agents can handle the big jobs first.

Your help desk should be able to route requests to the appropriate party to fix regardless of where they are in your company. The Help Desk iPhone app allows remote, on-location, and at-home workers to interact even while away from the office.

A virtual help desk, managed in the cloud, can centralize your trouble tickets and your support workload in one place. This allows anyone you allow to see everything that needs attention. At the same time, it decentralizes the workload by routing tickets to the right person. This can improve your first contact resolution.

8x8 is a leading provider of help desk apps with robust capabilities and reliable infrastructure. A cloud-based implementation means there is no need for dedicated IT staff to set up and monitor. Integrated phone, email, and chat allow for multi-channel interactions with your employees for a swift resolution.

Help Desk iPhone App

Using standard iOS software on your smartphone or tablet, you can access the Help Desk iPhone App with a single button push. API integration maintains connections with other internal applications such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). This integration provides instant access to case histories and contact records allowing for customized and personalized attention.

Unified Communications as a Service

This solution is both a SaaS (Software as a Service) and UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service). A cloud-based approach handles communication and collaboration without the need for specialized hardware. This service can manage your in-house help desk, your help desk iPhone mobile app, or a virtual contact center.

Two of the hallmarks of UCaaS are flexibility and scalability. Automated call and trouble ticket routing can efficiently handle issues regardless of where staff is at the moment. Flexible options mean you can customize the software with rules and easily add, change, or delete lines through an online dashboard.

More Efficient Work Force

Help Desk software can be implemented along with workforce optimization, business phone and collaboration services, and unified communications to improve all your interactions with your team and your customers.

Workplace optimization can help you create optimum staffing levels to cut down on your employee costs. It also featured real-time monitoring of interactions as well as training and coaching tools.

A cloud-based solution for your business phone and collaboration services can take advantage of the significant cost savings available through VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Regardless of where your employees work, the cost savings by switching to VoIP can be excessive when compared to traditional phone company systems.

Unified communication connects all of your stakeholders in the manner they choose. Whether it’s voice, video, email, or chat, you can efficiently handle any interaction.

Ease Frustrations, Solve Problems Faster

With an efficient help desk solution that allows for distributed workload and cloud-based tracking, you can ease the frustrations of your team members and solve problems faster. This leads to a happier workforce and happier customers.

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