Why You Need Help Desk Institute Certifications

In business, a help desk team is responsible for handling internal and external computer and/or software user issues, occurrences, and technical questions. This team is multi-dimensional and is specifically set up to help in easing client or in-house issues in a quick and effective manner.

Why Do You Need a World-Class Help Desk?

A great help desk team is critical to your business for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Helping increase positive customer interaction, assessing customer needs, and providing quality services. The help desk team members are some of the most important ambassadors of your business by helping customers get answers they need quickly so they can go about their day.
  • Identifying and prioritizing various crises, which will prevent issues from escalating.
  • Ensuring that internal procedures are not hindered due to technical issues that need to be solved quickly.

Help Desk Institutes

To get quality help desk services, your help desk team requires different certifications from various help desk institutes (HDI) such as the Service Desk Institute (SDI) and Help Desk Institute (HDI). Some of the common certifications include:

  • Customer Service Representative: This is a certification designed to help frontline customer service representatives evaluate customer business needs and provide quality service. The course is ideal to support professionals from customer service centers, call centers, and support centers.
  • Desktop Support Technician: This certification is recommended for technical support professionals who offer in-person support to internal, as well as remote employees. The course puts emphasis on techniques to develop customer interaction, understanding of service level agreements and their impact on workflow and request priorities, root cause analysis, and ITIL processes.
  • Support Center Analyst: This is a certification that targets frontline technical support staff looking to understand how to manage and rank incidents and minimize escalations. The course, which is the most sought-after certification, focuses on vital customer service skills for managing difficult customers and increasing general customer satisfaction.
  • Problem Management Professional: The course was created to help professionals involved in the planning and implementation of a formal problem management process perform proactive and reactive problem management, including:
  • Prioritizing and categorizing problems
  • Investigating and diagnosing problems
  • Coordinating or performing root cause analysis
  • Developing workarounds and fixes
  • Proposing changes to help in problem resolution

Support Center Team Lead: This course targets team leads who mainly provide a communication link between support teams and their managers, as well as act as the first point of internal escalation for customers. The aim here is to build the capacity of team leads to understand team management, ITIL processes for incident, change, release, asset and configuration management, service level and operational level agreements, conflict management strategies, and finally, people management skills such as hiring and retaining workers.

What Are Your Options?

Along with help desk certifications, you can also utilize cloud-based solutions such as 8x8’s Virtual Contact Center, which can improve the quality and productivity of your help desk. The virtual contact center’s adaptable and intensive qualities allow you to increase the quality and productivity of every employee interaction while cutting down your operating costs.

In addition, a good cloud solution will:

Provide the precious functionality of an on-premises solution, but without the maintenance worries and extra costs.

Support agents irrespective of their location. Whether within the organization or remote, all that is needed is a phone, an Internet connection, and a web browser. This will allow you to scale your operations up or down as your business needs change.

Integrated phone, email, and chat provide diverse channels for employees to appeal for support while granting you the flexibility to manage inquiries in the most cost-effective manner.

Cloud solutions come with API suites that promote easy integration with leading and complementary software and other internal applications. This allows you to deliver a personalized support approach because the agent has immediate access to the full information of a customer.

Using the friendly user interface and flexible system, it’s easy to maintain your help desk environment. You do not need a dedicated IT staff.

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