Success Tools for a Help Desk Analyst

A Help Desk Analyst is the first point of contact between your company and your customers. Using various channels of communication, such as email, telephone, and live chat, the help desk analyst:

  • Gives technical assistance to users on issues relating to the Information Technology (IT) system services
  • Communicates with clients to capture their technical issues so that it can be made clear for easier solving
  • Ensures that the frequent problems encountered can be put online where they can be accessed along with their solutions.
  • Identifies crises and helps in preventing them from escalating

While help desk analysts can work remotely, they may occasionally travel to help a customer onsite. In most cases, they are scheduled to provide around-the-clock assistance. As demanding as this role can be, what are the key success skills should a help desk analyst have?

Qualities of a great Help Desk Analyst

Impeccable communications skills

To begin with, a help desk analyst must enjoy communicating with clients and have a real desire to help people. They ought to have excellent communication skills to listen and understand all the issues that a customer is facing, gather the information and fix the problem.

Problem-solving skills

Help desk jobs can be challenging, especially when dealing with frustrated customers. Help desks analysts should have an optimistic approach to problem-solving. They should know how to handle customers with empathy, focus on finding a solution to the issues at hand, and never let unpleasant customer interactions to become contagious.

Passion for the product

Thirdly, a great help desk analyst should be passionate and well informed about their product. Passion for the product drives them to tinker, understand how it works inside and out, and not just how to fix when issues arise. Such enthusiasm is likely to show up in customer interactions; they go above and beyond to assist a customer to reach a solution.

According to PlanitPlus, there are no entry levels for the help desk analyst. However, one may be required to have to take an aptitude test. Experience in IT and foreign languages is always a plus as some help desks serve a global clientele. Also, most help desk analyst jobs will require one to hit set targets. Since customer satisfaction is a key factor in the performance of any help desk analyst, what tools can they use to enhance their performance?

Help Desk Software for analysts

As you already know, technology makes your work easier and efficient. Help desk software enables the analyst to:

  • Track the customer queries which can then be grouped according to their nature
  • Chat online with the customer
  • Track the customer requests automatically
  • Do more work with the extensive features it offers as we shall discuss below.

Having a piece of software in use essentially means that you are automating operations in that department. When you have a great piece of help desk software such as this will bring out the best in the help desk support sections. With the best software in place you only need to ensure that the help desk staff are well trained on how to use it and you have a great team in place.

Help desk software enables the customers to send in their issues and having them tracked, this enables faster solving of the issues. For instance, issues which have the same solution can be grouped together and then solved. This enables the help desk to handle more issues.

Issues which are beyond the scope of the help desk can be handled easily by just forwarding them to the higher ranks in some help desk software. There is also the possibility of having diverse points of contact which makes an analyst to be more productive even when handling a query.

There is the option to have an online chat platform which is a key requirement for many firms that need help desk software. This gives users an option to report their queries in a manner that they find convenient for them. Queries can now be handled from the online chat and even calls from one software.

Having the right software enables you to ensure that there is less workload for the help desk staff as some tasks such as issue tracking are automated, leaving room for other tasks to be done.


All said and done, having an awesome help desk support team is not enough. You need to provide them with the right tools to complement their job. Choose a world-class help desk and SaaS technology solution and focus on what’s important: growing your business. Call 1-866-879-8647 or fill out an online form to request a no-obligation quote from an 8x8 product specialist.

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