Critical Skills for Help Desk Advisors

The help desk advisor position provides user support and customer service on your company’s apps, platforms, websites, and apps. They troubleshoot problems and provide technical advice on the appropriate actions needed to fix a given issue.

Help Desk Advisor Job Description: Duties

The following are core duties required of a help desk advisor:

  • Responding to queries via chat, email, or phone
  • Training other staff members on troubleshooting and diagnosing problems
  • Customer service assistance for technical issues
  • Resolving problems with computer systems and networks
  • Diagnosing system errors and other issues
  • Following up with customers to ensure full resolution of issues
  • Requesting feedback and/or monitoring calls and other methods of correspondence to improve training methods
  • Running reports to analyze common complaints and problems
  • Diagnosing, changing, or installing software to fix user issues
  • Writing and update training manuals, including step-by-step tutorials with screenshots for clients
  • Documenting internal procedures and adding to knowledge bases
  • Running diagnostics to resolve issues
  • Collecting feedback to identify patterns and recurring issues

Help desk advisors are expected to work in a fast-paced environment. Backed by access to knowledge bases and other company resources, they are expected to handle trouble calls independently, and in an efficient manner.

Help Desk Advisor Job Description: Critical Skills

These are the core competencies of a help desk advisor:

  • Strong computer skills
  • Independent ability to troubleshoot and diagnose problems
  • Strong communication and customer service skills, including resolving concerns of frustrated customers
  • Ability to communicate effectively to help with key stakeholders
  • Trained in computer repairs and troubleshooting hardware
  • Attentive to detail with an interest in problem-solving

Help desk advisors need to be able to recognize when an issue needs escalation and hand off the concern to a higher level technician or specialist. They need to be friendly, personable and committed to providing excellent customer service.

A bachelor’s degree is preferred for a help desk advisor, but it typically not mandatory. They should have a working knowledge of the hardware and software needed for the job, call tracking applications, customer service practices, along with both experience and formal training in troubleshooting. Preferably, they will have previous help desk support experience.

What Software Does A Help Desk Advisor Use?

The help desk advisor will use either in-house software or a cloud-based help desk and call center solution. Systems with integrated phone, email, and chat allow interaction on multiple channels and facilitate the handling of inquiries in the most cost-effective manner.

The help desk software will integrate with other internal applications, including travel software, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. A familiarity with how NetSuite, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, 8x8 CRM, or ZenDesk operates is helpful for help desk advisors. This integration helps provide personalized support with instant access to contact records and case histories.

An Expert Connect feature will maximize efficiency by improving first contact resolution. Advisors can be connected with experts across the company with shared presence, chat, and transfer capabilities to help complete trouble tickets.

Today’s software for help desks plays a critical role in increasing the efficiency of service. Many of the manual tasks of yesterday can be automated and integrated.

Deep knowledge bases can be developed that help advisors quickly find the information they need. Trouble tickets can track pertinent information and speed up resolution. Rules can automatically assign priorities based on user-defined parameters and then route issues to the appropriate person. Recording and reporting tools can help analyze system issues, where more training is needed, or track performance against goals.

Help desk advisors may also be able to work remotely or from home with the right call center software solution. If they have access to a phone, an Internet connection, and a browser, they can be tied into cloud-based help desk software and work remotely.

8x8 Provides Cloud-Based Help Desk Solutions

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