Help Desk Administrator Duties and Responsibilities

Just like other members of the help desk team at a business or other organization, help desk administrators assist with computer problems. They are tasked with ensuring that software and hardware system users within the business have access to the resources they need to do their jobs or use the computer system. To that end, they troubleshoot computer systems, assist other team members, and provide help with software or hardware problems.

In this article, you can read more about how help desk administrators do their work and ensure the success of the rest of the department.

What are Help Desk Administrator Duties and Responsibilities?

Help desk administrators are in charge of running the help desk and managing the operations of their departments to ensure technicians do their own work and that everything runs smoothly. They typically create policies for how their organizations run, oversee technician work, and use specialized software to run diagnostics on computer software and equipment. They may use remote access tools to help maintain user computers and keep the network running efficiently.

Here are a few typical responsibilities:

  • Listening to problems and collecting information: Whenever administrators interact with system users to record information for troubleshooting, they need to be good listeners and know what questions to ask.
  • Ticket tracking: Help desk admins need to track incoming and outgoing tickets so they can help their departments stay on task.
  • Management: Admins generally manage the other folks in the help desk, making sure they have everything they need to do their jobs correctly and respond appropriately to customer inquiries.
  • Troubleshooting: Of course, sometimes a help desk admin will also need to do troubleshooting of user problems and spend time researching potential solutions.

As needed, other responsibilities may be added and duties are subject to constant change. Just about every day, the work a help desk administrator does will look a little different, so admins need to be flexible and adaptable in other to make sure they are prepared for another day at work.

What Does a Help Desk Administrator's Typical Day Look Like?

Help desk administrators may have a variety of different responsibilities in a typical day.

For instance, here are a few activities they may be responsible for:

  • Reviewing escalated tickets: If someone on the team can't solve a problem, it will likely be escalated to an admin.
  • Meetings: The team probably regularly meets to review goals, identify problems, and recommend solutions.
  • Performance reviews: Checking-in with the team to review ongoing performance issues, provide reviews, and identify areas that could be improved upon.
  • Troubleshooting: Working on user challenges and trying to solve them.
  • Interacting with management: Asking management for feedback, guidance, and ideas.
  • Representing the department: Either to other departments or the public, admins may be representing the help desk.
  • Developing policies and processes: Admins may develop processes for their departments, such as workflows, task guidelines, and policies.

As other responsibilities come up, help desk administrators must be prepared to shift gears in their jobs and pick up unfinished work in their departments, supervise team members, and come up with creative solutions to problems.

What Else Do Help Desk Administrators Do?

Help desk administrators may also create schedules, hire and fire staff, purchase equipment and software, and ensure their team has access to the right certifications and resources to do their jobs.

Finding the Right Help Desk Administrator

Help desk administrators typically manage help desk departments and provide assistance to the rest of the help desk team with responding to system user needs and challenges. In a typical day, they may manage their departments and provide employee reviews, interview and hire candidates, prepare policies and procedures, help troubleshoot and solve customer problems, and more.

To find the right help desk administrator, companies should look for candidates who are flexible, have the right certifications, have training in software and hardware as needed for the job, and have a background in technical support or sufficient education to do the job. Often, the right person for the job is already in the department and can be promoted to these new responsibilities.

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