What are Help Desk Business Cases?

Making the business case for getting a help desk is an important part of bringing on a new employee or creating a new department at your organization. Using guidance from this article and information you gather in your organization, you can work to convince management that creating a help desk is a worthwhile investment and expenditure for your business.

What Are Help Desk Business Cases?

When trying to convince management that it's worthwhile to have a separate help desk, it's helpful to be able to demonstrate the business case for making the investment. IT departments generally make these cases themselves by documenting carefully their own reasons and arguments from a business standpoint for why a help desk would be beneficial to the business as a whole and the IT department itself.

If you're planning to put together a help desk department business case, start by gathering your data together and preparing to argue in favor of the expenditures.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself and topics to think about as you gather information and prepare:

  • Current IT workload: Document your current workload. How behind are you? Is the department struggling to keep up with the current workload as-is? You'll probably need to at least document a FTE (full-time equivalent) workload of 1.5 or higher to justify to management a need for more employees.
  • Past and future workloads: Has it always been like this? Will it continue? For how long?
  • Causes of workload problems: What are the root causes of the excessive workload? You'll need to show that this isn't just a temporary problem and that these root causes are likely to stick around, at least for a while. It must be long enough to justify creating a new position and/or department.
  • Help desk duties: Show why your existing IT staff can't take on these separate IT help desk responsibilities. Explain why it needs one or more new hires to get the work done.
  • Tickets: Using data, explain what is currently happening with the number and volume of support tickets you're responsible for.

Tasks: Explain what tasks you could delegate to a help desk associate. Show how you'll assign these responsibilities separately from what the current staff does.

New services: If there are any new services you'll be able to offer the company with the new employee at work, then you'll want to document these so management can see the clear benefits.

As needed, you may need to gather other data and information, too. From there, you'll start building a report that clearly and effectively demonstrates the benefit of creating the new department or making the new hire.

What Are Use Cases for Help Desks?

In a similar vein, you can create use cases for help desks to show how your department would benefit from having help desk staff and/or a new help desk department.

Using information about your organization, carefully start to demonstrate how your help desk department can function together with the rest of your business. You can create real-world examples or illustrate how past problems your business experienced could be handled differently in the future with a help desk.

What Software Is Needed for Help Desks?

With the right software, creating and managing a help desk is a lot easier. Thanks to communications and software/hardware management platforms, you can stay on top of everything happening in your help desk and communicate with other areas of the business.

Here are some software systems you'll likely need:

  • UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service)
  • VoIP phones (Voice over Internet Protocol)
  • CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service)

Depending on the responsibilities of your help desk, other software may be needed as well. Consider what your department needs to accomplish and put together a wish list to help guide you as you shop for software.

Starting Your Help Desk

By making a business case for your help desk, you can work to convince management that a help desk is a worthwhile investment for your business or organization. Having the right examples, data and software can make the job easier.

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